Best beauty decision you've made?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by CherryWry, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Black Dahlia

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    Another best beauty decision: using powder that doesn't clog pores!
  2. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Mineral makeup.. great option for me! :)
  3. kymeratale

    kymeratale One of the Regulars

    Ottawa, Ontario
    Not so much of a decision, but developing rosacea on my face has actually been a blessing in disguise. I take much better care of my skin now to keep the rosacea under control. I always wear sunscreen, I switched to non-irritating skin products and I think the most important thing has been using a beta hydroxy acid exfoliator (from Paula's Choice, swear by it). My skin actually looks better than it used to, and the rosacea is down to a pink flush on my cheeks most of the time. I started wearing foundation to cover up the redness, but I haven't been wearing it this summer since it has been so hot. Made me notice how well controlled it is. Until the winter winds start to blow that is...

    I do have one very wonky tooth that I would love to get fixed though. Keep saying I should look into it, but never do. Then whenever I see a picture that emphasizes it, I say it all over again.
  4. hellsbellslolly

    hellsbellslolly Familiar Face

    Suffolk, England
    A good foundation. Its like a haircut you wear it every-day so it has to be a good one. I don't know if I am allowed to say which one it is. But it blends easily, drys perfectly, no lines or patches. Photographs show me as looking like I have a flawless complexion too. It doesn't clog up my skin either. Its really the best buy because even though its around the £30.00 it lasts for say three months or so.
  5. I would love to know what it is :D
  6. lolly_loisides

    lolly_loisides One Too Many

    The Blue Mountains, Australia
    My best beauty decision was to go to my dr's. I thought I'd get a referral to a dermatologist (I have rosacea, among other things) but she prescribed Finacea gel. I can't recommend it highly enough, I no longer suffer from facial flushing, my capillaries have almost dissapeared & my open pores have vanished. It's wonderful stuff (sorry, I sound like an advert).
  7. Miss sofia

    Miss sofia One Too Many

    East sussex, England
    Me too, spill the beans!!

    Lolly - i'm so happy to receive any beauty tips, so don't worry about sounding like an advert, i have gotten oodles of great information from good people like you on this site, so all suggestions and recommendations gratefully received. Keep 'em coming
  8. Marzena

    Marzena One of the Regulars

    I am bringing up this thread, as surely there may be girls here , like me, who are new.
    My best beauty decision was about my mousy colour hair. For years I wanted to be blonde and experimented with all shades, when I realised it did not really work, I went for red. Finally, only one option remained and it dawned on me that I needed DARK hair, something I kicked and struggled against b/c I thought I clearly had a blonde soul. Or, maybe, a redhead soul. However, with darkest brown hair, everything fell into place: skin light rather than sallow, rosy cheeks, more animated expression. So much for my supposed "inner blonde".
  9. TillyMilly

    TillyMilly One of the Regulars

    My latest beauty 'discovery' is that although I use a really nice cream cleanser & toner to remove my make-up at night,I really need to wash my face too (I uase my clarisonic and Clarins face wash). I have combination skin with tiny pores- so any small amount of grease blocks my pores on my T-zone. If I skip face washing twice a day - my complexion really suffers. I also really advocate getting on of those steel extractors to remove blockages without causing damage (I have an older style Tweeserman one)
  10. W-D Forties

    W-D Forties Practically Family

    My best one was cleansing my face with the hot flannel method. I have dry skin thats prone to clogging if I'm at work as it's pretty dusty but this has worked wonders. My second is No 7 Protect and Perfect. It may be my imagination, but I'm sure I'd look like Zelda from Terrahawks without it (now there's a blast from the past!)
  11. sheeplady

    sheeplady I'll Lock Up Bartender

    May I ask what the "hot flannel" method is? I've looked online and all I find is products, but it sounds like you just use a cloth? Is it a special type of cloth- like cotton flannel- or is that just an English term for a wash cloth? Do you just use warm water or do you also use soap?

    Edited: Ok, so now I see that the term flannel refers to a washcloth. :p But I am still interested in your method or if you use a special kind of washcloth/ flannel.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2011
  12. Drappa

    Drappa One Too Many

    Hampshire, UK
    I bought Protect & Perfect a while ago and am just finishing the tube. I have to say I couldn't see any difference whatsoever, and for that price I had higher hopes.
  13. I Adore Film Noir

    I Adore Film Noir A-List Customer

    Mine has been to ditch shampoo and wash my hair with conditioner. It's a blessing ♥
  14. swinggal

    swinggal One Too Many

    Perth, Australia
    Keeping my face out of the sun and always wearing a foundation that contains a spf of at least 15 when outside.

    I haven't actively tanned my face since I was about 17 and this has lead to me having very few wrinkles, and living in Australia people are taught to be very sun-smart. Most people think I am in my late 20s to early 30s which is a testament to good skin care. To much sun is the worst thing for the skin full-stop.
  15. Grant Fan

    Grant Fan Practically Family

    I second that motion. I only put shampoo in my hair maybe once or twice a month. My hair does not get oily. And now that I have embraced that it is curly and stopped treating it like my friends with straight hair treat theirs and it is so much better or it now
  16. W-D Forties

    W-D Forties Practically Family

    I can't use soap on my face it's too drying. What I do is massage cleanser well onto my face and neck, then soak a flannel (terry washcloth) in very hot water (as hot as you can stand), wring it out quickly then pop it over my face. This initially steams the pores open, then I wipe all the muck and make up off, rinse the cloth then do it a couple more times with a clean hot cloth. The on with moistruriser straight away.

    My skin is so much cleaner doing this, not as dry and I don't ever need to use toner as the hot flannel gets rid of any residue. It really doesn't matter what cleanser you use either, cheap or expensive, it all does the same job. I saw this recommended by Bharti Vyas on TV years ago(she used to have a top natural beauty salon in London, may still do). I really works for me and it's very simple, which is nice.
  17. Miss C

    Miss C New in Town

    Cornwall, UK
    How long did the Finacea take to work?? I was prescribed it 2 weeks ago, alongside doxycycline, as yet no signs of improvement :(
  18. sheeplady

    sheeplady I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Thanks! In the mornings I just wash my face with water, but I haven't tried it exactly like you do- I just rub the cloth all over my face and rinse it out and do it again. At night I am still using soap, but I would like to move away from that, because my face is much better with using soap half the time. The one thing I don't use is a cleanser. I might try that at night. Thanks again!
  19. fortworthgal

    fortworthgal Call Me a Cab

    Panther City
    ^ I use the "hot flannel" method with cold cream or Albolene cleanser. My skin is so much nicer since starting this! Blackheads and breakouts are vastly reduced and I don't have the dryness or flakes anymore. Definitely a good beauty decision for me. I exfoliate with a scrub about once a week.

    Recently I was in a hurry and used a regular facial foaming cleanser in the shower. It was a moisturizing one intended for sensitive skin, but it actually felt like it was burning my face raw. I guess my skin is so accustomed to the gentleness of the other products that a regular cleanser was just too much for it.
  20. missjones

    missjones New in Town

    the best decision i have made recently is to spring for a clarisonic. i could kick myself for waiting as long as i did.

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