Borsalino Antica Casa size 5 or 57 cm.

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    Verona - Italia
    Borsalino Antica Casa size 5 or 57 cm. to sell
    Sold in Venezia, one hundred kilometers from Verona, it had ended up in France.
    [​IMG] I bought it based on experience because the photos were not very significant. It was a perfect gamble, but it was a winner
    Borsalino Antica Casa size 5 or 57 cm.
    I had sensed the felt was finished antelope and so it is. One of the best felts I have seen and touched of this type
    Its construction typology is the same as that of "coffin" Borsalino as it has a fabric sweatband and has no lining
    The color of the felt is "Cola" and as you can see from the label it is not old, probably from the 70s.
    The measures are as follows. raw brim at 8 centimeters, the open crown is 14 cm. and the ribbon that matches the felt color is 4 cm.
    Asking price is $ 110 or € 100
    Please write for shipping cost

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