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    Greetings, all! I will now be moderating this forum. Please observe the following guidelines when posting to The Display Case:

    You are encouraged to:

    *Post photographs of antiques, collectibles, art, books, flea market finds, ebay purchases and other things relevant to the Golden Era (or earlier!). They do not have to be from your personal collection.
    *Discuss how to find, display, care for and store items.
    *Talk about how you integrate the items pictured into everyday living, if you do.

    You are discouraged from:

    *Discussing topics more appropriate for another forum. For example, items related to WWII items or suits should be posted to those forums.

    The following will not be permitted:

    *Adult content, images or links to any site displaying such content.
    *Posting links to live ebay auctions.
    *Posting pictures that aren't your own without proper permissions and credits.
    *Linking to images on servers that aren't your own or without permission. This is a form of bandwidth theft. There are plenty of free image hosting services such as www.flickr.com or www.photobucket.com
    *Graphic photos/pictures/Discussions of what weaponry can inflict. If you feel the need to go into the details of hunting/fishing..etc then http://www.vintagesportsman.com/ may be a more appropriate forum to discuss these topics. But NOT HERE.

    Threads and/or posts that do not meet these general guidelines may be moved to a more appropriate forum or edited/DELETED without notice. THIS is the NOTICE.

    I hope this will be a fun place to share pictures of found treasures, and if you need assistance, please don't hesitate to send me a PM.

    PSG / PADDY M.
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