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Fake Schott Made in usa cafe racer?


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As moniter posted I agree:
I’ve seen this done rampantly on Ebay.
Thats probably part of the reason they just sold-it. Probably a Chap-11 Bankruptcy reconfiguration. Purchased by Blackrock*(10%), Vanguard, Fidelity, SSg, etc. all as one corporation little doubt, I’d guess.

This, as was posted.
A disgusting practice by Schott, too, peddling this trash on the European market. They've licensed their name to God knows how many sweatshops that only seem to compete with each other, who can come closer to copying the US made Schott jackets & thus scam the buyer, without getting reprimanded....

Most ‘intrinsic’ values are vanishing world wide.
I’d cite YouTubes Tanner-Leatherstein* In Turkey.

Luckily ‘Schott’, -USA-still has its legendary items intrinsic demand.
As I might have mentioned, Ebays sellers (actual sanctioned stores) sold me two counterfeits last year during Ebays own reconfiguration.
Through one of its ‘vintage’ sellers stores, a counterfeit ‘Schotts’.
-Ebay refunded it.-
Despite its sanctioned stores “no refunds” sellers policy.
Avoiding all legalities of its position.

I watched the coats return.
The store relisted it to sell to someone else,.. knowingly.
Try blaming someone in those schematics.

This supposedly had no holes, theres 1 of many, weighting > 1.8lbs.
Seems much online is as its always been, always changing.


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