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  1. Lokar

    Lokar A-List Customer

    I'd love a pair of cotton gloves to wear in summer, but can't find any.
  2. Wolfmanjack

    Wolfmanjack Practically Family

    Look for "military gloves." Here is a good selection, and cheap too.
  3. bil_maxx

    bil_maxx One of the Regulars

    Ontario, Canada
    I am partial to leather winter gloves and here in Canada the cold weather definitely warrants them. Also, the compliments and comments I receive on them is incredible. With my British Warm winter coat, scarf and gloves total strangers have called me "dapper". Ironically the cold was my first reason for any of it. lol
  4. Highlander

    Highlander A-List Customer

    I too like gloves. For summer, working, riding, I wear Buster Welch Roping gloves. Great fit, fairly thin deerskin etc. Easy to work in. Not for heavy work, but good gloves.

    Winter, I have several different gloves, but my Dad always told me, If it's cold out WEAR GLOVES. Slips on ice and snow especially become bigger injuries if one isn't wearing gloves. The reason...Usually if it's cold out, someone puts their hands in their pockets. Hence Less Balance and less chance of breaking one's fall.

    Just a good idea to wear gloves.
  5. Wolfmanjack

    Wolfmanjack Practically Family

    Where do you buy Buster Welch Roping gloves? I 'Googled' them and learned that a lot of people are trying (and failing) to find them.

    What about Coyote Gear Ranch Gloves, being sold through this outfit? They claim to be the same gloves. Highlander, what do you think?
  6. acl1

    acl1 New in Town

    Southern California
    Unless I have some substantial pocket liner, I need gloves during the winter. my current pair are dunhill shearling with calfskin accents; really soft.
  7. Nick D

    Nick D Call Me a Cab

    Upper Michigan
    Got these at a vintage fair for £5, in excellent shape. I accidentally wore a hole through the thumb of my last pair of gray leather gloves, and have been looking for a new pair ever since.

  8. HarpPlayerGene

    HarpPlayerGene I'll Lock Up

    North Central Florida
    Very, VERY well done, Nick. :eusa_clap
  9. Gilboa

    Gilboa One of the Regulars

    United Kingdom, Midlands

  10. fluteplayer07

    fluteplayer07 One Too Many

    Is it faux pas to wear brown gloves in conjunction with a black coat? It's glove ordering season for me, and I'm looking at Chester Jefferies. Can't decide between black or brown. And can these be used for more than just driving? If not, I'd buy a pair of the City Gents too, I think.
  11. Apehanger13

    Apehanger13 New in Town

    The Land of OZ

    HPJ These gloves are fantastic! Do you have a brand name or where I can find them?
  12. fluteplayer07

    fluteplayer07 One Too Many


    Just a quick bump to my question...Fell back a page.

  13. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up


    Personably, I have worn different shades of brown gloves with black motorcycle jackets for 40 years or more. Of course I am old enough not to care if I'm Hep or not.
  14. Mr_Misanthropy

    Mr_Misanthropy Practically Family

    Chicago, Illinois
    I ordered a pair of Chester Jefferies gloves today. I got the Paris model, black capeskin with cashmere lining. I'm a normal size, so I didn't go for bespoke, but if they're not snug enough I'll have them redone. I'll be sure to post pics and a review once they get here!
  15. esteban68

    esteban68 Call Me a Cab

    Peccary? gloves

    Here's a nice find that I recently made, a pair of almost unworn Dunn & Co Peccary? gloves not sure of the size but they fit nicely, the inside is immaculate and there are no splits or loose stitching, note the small gusset between the fingers;
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  16. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    Bozeman, MT
  17. Anthony Jordan

    Anthony Jordan Practically Family

    South Wales, U.K.
    Resurrecting this old thread to share these Dents grey doeskin gloves, a pleasing find in an antiques shop in Hay-on-Wye today.

  18. Keith Garrison

    Keith Garrison New in Town

    Question about possible Peccary gloves. I found these at a local thrift store. They only have a size tag. They have the right look for Peccary leather with the hair follicles showing, but not in the consistent groups of 3 that I read about and see in all the photos. Does regular pigskin have the same visible follicles? Does anyone go to the trouble to fake Peccary by punching leather? Also, these gloves have a fairly shiny surface to the leather. Does Peccary have a matte surface, more like deerskin?
    The previous post about the Dunn&Co. gloves was really helpful because the lining looks very similar to these gloves.

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  19. Shangas

    Shangas I'll Lock Up

    Melbourne, Australia
    I am blessed...or cursed...with very thin, bony hands. As a result, during winter, they get absolutely NUMB with cold. Like, literally numb - I can beat my hands on a brick wall and I'd feel nothing. So for me, a decent pair of gloves is absolutely essential in the colder months. Definitely an appreciator of good quality, leather gloves, here!

    It's my birthday soon. Over the past year, I've been busy trying to up my wardrobe-and-accessories game. I've been throwing out, donating or selling any clothes and accessories I don't use anymore, and I'm trying to replace them with buy-best-buy-once quality items that hopefully, I'll never need to buy again.

    When I was younger (about 10 years ago), I bought two pairs of leather gloves. They were good...but...not great. At least, not for my purposes. One of them was too thin and really offered NO protection against the cold, the other was just too short.

    As of this posting, they're both up for sale in the Classified section, if anyone wants them (they're small-sized, keep in mind, though).

    Anyway - I had to go into town today, and I stopped by one of the main department-stores in town to look around.

    I noticed that there was a sale on accessories - including gloves - and I ended up buying three entirely new pairs of gloves. One black, one brown, and one tan. There were several varieties available from 2-3 different manufacturers, but in the end, I bought classic, three-dart gent's leather gloves. Cashmere-lined, made in Italy. They a glove!

    They're soft, warm, comfortable, solid and chunky. But they're also much longer than my previous gloves - these go right past my wrist, which I love, because it stops the wind from blowing up inside them and keeps the frostbite at bay!

    Anyway, here they are:

    The blacks:


    The Browns: (I assure you, the colour-diff between these and the blacks are much more noticeable in person!)...


    The Tans:


    I just could not decide which ones I liked more, so I ended up buying all three pairs, so that I could chop and change between my outfits. That, and they were on sale, so hey, why not? I don't ever intend to buy them again, anyway!

    And last, but not least, here's a group-shot. Here, you can see the difference in colour between the blacks & browns much more clearly, I think:

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  20. MikeBravo

    MikeBravo One Too Many

    A fairly recent purchase, made by Morley, England

    gloves brown.JPG
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