Green River, This Weeks Soda

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  1. TidiousTed

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    Green River is a bright green, lime-flavoured soft drink originating in Chicago. The drink was developed in 1919 by the Schoenhofen Brewery of Chicago as a non-alcoholic product for the Prohibition era. It was popular for decades as a soda fountain syrup, trailing only Coca-Cola in popularity throughout the Midwest. However, after Prohibition ended in 1933 the Schoenhofen Brewery made Green River a second priority to alcoholic drinks. The Brewery then closed in 1950. It was a fountain drink during the ’60s in some drugstore fountains.

    The drink is now owned and produced by the WIT Beverage Company. It is frequently marketed as a nostalgia item and can be found in some Chicago area chain restaurants such as Schoop’s Hamburgers, Hackney’s, and Pepe’s or more generally in supermarkets during the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. It is also served in Columbus, IN at Zaharakos old-fashioned soda fountain and in all Smashburger’s in the chicagoland area, and also at Paul’s Chili Parlor in Decatur, IL.

    If anyone have comment, a memory or anything else to say about Green River I'd love to hear it. Either mail me, leave a comment on my blog or just post it here on FL
  2. Ethan Bentley

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    The New Forest, Hampshire, UK
    Sounds rather interesting, I imagine it's a bit like British Limeade
  3. mflemming

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    I remember liking it as a kid. I tried it again when it came back out in the 2 liter plastic bottles but it didn't taste like anything at all.

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