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How does the fit on these leather suspenders look?


Familiar Face
I recently got two pairs of leather suspenders from a small company that makes leather goods, and was wondering about how they fit. I was trying to compare both to the images shown on their site as well as other photos of men in suspenders, but wasn't sure mine fit quite right or not. I mainly wanted to go for a stylish and fashionable gentleman's style look with these, and avoid anything resembling "Urkel" or anything funny looking or ill fitting. Here are some images, I can get more if needed. Can anyone weigh in on how the fit looks, and if any changes should be made if any(ie. if they need more length or whatever)? Thanks.


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My opinion is that full leather suspenders are terrible. Bear with me while I explain. I'm not going to speak to the quality of yours. This is my experience.

First I find that with sweat the dyes bleed and/or rub off. I have ruined several shirts due to this. Even well sealed leather will bleed. Bold dyes are worse about this.

Secondly is the fact that they don't stretch. When you bend forward or side to side it will pull oddly and usually uncomfortably especially while sitting. Replacing the lower back with elastic negates this significantly. You're more likely to tear out your pants without some elastic. You'll be ripping the belt loops out soon.

Third, suspenders are supposed to be worn under a cover garment. The thickness and stiffness of the leather and buckles make them print very noticeably. If you want them to show then that's not much of a problem.

I have some very nice full leather custom suspenders. I never wear them. They sit in a drawer while my full elastic or elastic/cloth ones get worn over and over again.

My thoughts on yours are that they look good. The back length is good, could be a bit shorter. I find that having the ring ride between the shoulder blades towards the lower part of the blades makes them more comfortable. Things move better as it's a pivot point.
I would consider modifying the front of the red pair to move the buckles away from the nipple area. That's gonna get painful. I would also consider finding a way to hold down the tip of the tail ends. With heat, sweat, and time they will curl.
I will say that it looks as though they are a bit tight. Since there is no stretch, when you sit, bend, or move something's going to give. The leather looks fairly strong. Those buckles might break but I'm gonna say your pants will be the failure point.

I wear suspenders often. Mainly to hold up a gun belt. I have to move quickly and in odd positions. Things pinch and rub a lot. I figured out very quickly that leather hurts in that role.

I do prefer the looks of leather though.


One Too Many
The Barbary Coast
Can anyone weigh in on how the fit looks,

Opinions vary. I'm not sure what "look" you're after.

Those leather suspenders are versatile, and can be worn in different configurations.

I've seen them in real life. I did not partake.





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