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How many hats do you have?

Funkytown, USA
First, welcome to the lounge.
I think you are overthinking it all.
Just be you and you’ll be fine.
The trouble starts when people try to be someone they are not.
No matter the hat style, cost or whatever I enjoy watching the metamorphosis of the members no matter where they are in their cycle.
Caps...another story.

Some folks are bad enough as themselves!

And we occasionally trip over the "be nice" rule...and the "no politics" rule.

It's easy - the effect you have can affect the discussion. :cool:

Yeah, those Whigs are incorrigible.

I will remember this til the next time I need to use the word then all memory of it will have vanished. Perhaps a tattoo on my wrist!

That might have desired effect.
Southern California
I will remember this til the next time I need to use the word then all memory of it will have vanished. Perhaps a tattoo on my wrist!
How about a Tattoo tattoo?


RJ and Parkins

New in Town
In some ways I envy your narrow scope and limited wants. Back when all men wore hats, few, including the very wealthy, had huge collections of hats. A couple daily hats that could be matched to your clothing, maybe a couple of more formal hats, and a summer straw hat, and then previous years’ hats used for beaters.

Don't be dismissive of vintage hats. You aren’t going to find new hats that are made with the quality of components as the mid-tier or better vintage hats. Once you experience a few quality vintage hats it’s hard to bring yourself to buy new hats that often cost more and are nowhere near the quality.
100% True. I own 4 new factory hat and close to 50 vintage hats. Once you go vintage you never go back!


New in Town
I started collecting this year, I only have 10. I like to keep my collections of things small but awesome so I probably will weed out some of cheaper stuff that I bought when I first started and keep the really nice hats. I also have like the same number of caps. I’ll probably do the same with those.


One of the Regulars
I have a moderate sized hat collection. Half of my collection are hats that I don't wear anymore, half of my collection are hats that I wear now. Back in early 2020, my hat collection consisted of:

Akubra Stylemasters (Carbon Grey, Loden, Navy)
Akubra Federation IV (Moonstone, Dark Brown, Tawny Fawn)
Montecristi Superfino Havana (Panamahatcollection.com)
Stetson Aficionado

At the time, I was a size 7 5/8 (61 cm). Over the next year, I lost 80 pounds. My head shrunk 2 hat sizes (I am now a 7 3/8). Before, the hats that usually fit my face shape were wide brims (2-1/2"+) and square/teardrop crowns. After, the hats that fit my face shape were medium/stingy brims (1-3/4"-2-1/2") and tapered crowns with a center crease. Teardrops also fit if they are somewhat tapered. The larger hats no longer fit without resizing tape, and the square crowns of the Federations no longer look right. I've expanded my hat collection since then with the following hats:

Stetson Saxon (Caribou, Midnight, Walnut, Cordova)
Stetson Asher/Inwood (Caribou, Tawny, Cordova)
Stetson Stratoliner Special Edition (True Blue)
Stetson Temple (Caribou, Tawny, Light Grey)
Tesi The Manuel (Latte Sisol)
Brent Black Kentucky Smith Safari Edition (Cocoa)
Brent Black Classic Fedora

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