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How'd You Get Where You Are?

plain old dave

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East TN
They say when you're poor, you really don't know how poor you really are. We lived with my Mamaw and Papaw til I was 14, and my mother didn't have a car til I graduated high school. With little other opportunity, I joined the Navy in 1990 and Desert Storm happened. One great regret I have in life was the last words I said to my mother when she left me off at the hotel to go to boot camp the next morning was "see you later."

Came home, and proved the old adage that you don't give 19 year olds a huge pile of money. 2 1/2 years later, I went back in the Navy. Came out and drifted from job to job for a while and went back to school to teach, not realizing that Social Studies educators in Appalachia are mostly line coaches for the football team. IN that process, I came back to the Navy Reserve. So I eventually wound up in a call center, and eventually took a job selling GM cars.

After about a week of that, I was let go. And after about 2 1/2 years of unrewarding retail work and every second of active duty I could get I got my current Civil Service job.

I see mention upthread of being flexible, and that's so. You take opportunities when they present themselves.

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London, UK
How did i get where i am today?

No plan ... a bit of good fortune ... still not sure what i'm doing.

As i approach fifty I doubt if I'll ever find my perfect job (most jobs seem to want you to work for longer than they pay you for - I don't do that for anyone!).

the hairy bloke

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Passed most courses (often at the second attempt), failed most job interviews.

Sat at home waiting for my darling little boy to finish school (his third week).

house husband.

Works for me.

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