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Langlitz Columbia: Approximate size 46, Essentially New


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Langlitz Columbia with dress, collar, 10 pocket option, Sam Browne Belt Loops, and snaps for Mouton Collar. Langlitz does not size jackets as each one is custom made. For reference, it is an approximate size 46 as compared to a Vanson and a larger size 44 compared to a comparable Lost Worlds for a similar jacket (my experience is with the LW Trojan).

The jacket is essentially new--it was originally sewn in 2011 but was not accepted due to sizing and they made another for the guy who initially ordered it. It sat on their sale rack until 2013 when I bought it. I have never actually worn the jacket aside from occasionally trying it on inside. 10 years is long enough to figure out I probably don't need this in the jacket armoire.

The jacket is substantial and weighs between 7.6-8 lbs via the bathroom scale. It was made of their heaviest steerhide--4 -5 oz. It has the belt loop option, but does not come with a belt. It has the snaps for the mouton collar, but does not have the collar. Both can be purchased directly from Langlitz if a belt and collar are your thing. As mentioned it has their 10 pocket option complete with the stash pocket in the armpit of all things.

For reference, I an 5'8", 180 lbs., and wear a 16"x33" dress shirt and the jacket fits me perfectly.

Here are the measurements:
Pit to Pit: 24-24 1/2". It is a little hard to get an exact measurement due to all the underarm pleats.
Collar front zipped up to bottom: 20"
Collar Base to bottom of jacket back: 25"
Shoulders: 20 1/2"
Sleeve: 26 1/2"

Please note, this is a real motorcycle jacket designed for riding. As such it is a little short in the front and a little long in the back for sitting on the bike and the arms a a little longer for reaching the bars than a typical jacket.

$700 or close offer. This is less than half of what the cost was new.

https://jonmorgan.smugmug.com/Werber-Grainy/i-gxfshpM/A] [/url]

https://jonmorgan.smugmug.com/Werber-Grainy/i-X824Js3/A] [/url]

https://jonmorgan.smugmug.com/Werber-Grainy/i-GqFdC3L/A] [/url]

https://jonmorgan.smugmug.com/Werber-Grainy/i-RWN6X67/A] [/url]

https://jonmorgan.smugmug.com/Werber-Grainy/i-vcs5Z5F/A] [/url]
https://jonmorgan.smugmug.com/Werber-Grainy/i-J3NNBTs/A] [/url]

https://jonmorgan.smugmug.com/Werber-Grainy/i-jqQDgbh/A] [/url]

Fit pics:

https://jonmorgan.smugmug.com/Werber-Grainy/i-N3tBMph/A] [/url]

https://jonmorgan.smugmug.com/Werber-Grainy/i-6T22cwM/A] [/url]

https://jonmorgan.smugmug.com/Werber-Grainy/i-xJk7Gj2/A] [/url]

https://jonmorgan.smugmug.com/Werber-Grainy/i-7cTSVz9/A] [/url]
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