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    I have an old thread on this but since all the links are dead I figured I should start a new one with fresh pics.

    Anyway, I am a prop maker and special FX artist for the entertainment industry and the Maltese Falcon has always been my favorite movie, so naturally I had to make this.

    Maltese Falcon noir.jpg Maltese Falcon noir 2.jpg Bronze360.jpg Hot Forged Bronze.jpg Group.JPG

    As you can see, in addition to the standard black I have made these in a whole range of exotic finishes and materials, including bronze, 24k gold plated, weathered, and with hidden compartments inside. I'll list the most popular options below but custom requests are always welcome.

    I list these for sale on Etsy and Ebay, but you will save money by messaging me directly through my website

    Prices do not include shipping.
    Satin Black Solid Resin (5lbs): $200
    Satin Black Weighted (17lbs): $300
    Cold-Cast bronze (17lbs): $400
    Hot-Forged Bronze (5lbs): $800
    Smuggler's Bird (secret compartment): $650

    To order simply go to my website by following the link below and message me.
  2. Ormazd

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    I bought one of these from Oz years ago. Sits in a place of honor in my media room. You won't be disappointed if you get one.
  3. AbbaDatDeHat

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    Fyi: the founder of the lounge has a thing for these.

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