Men's Underwear Basics: Underwear, Undershirts

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by HistoricDetroit, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Mike in Seattle

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    Renton (Seattle), WA
    What you were aiming at just dawned on me... :eusa_doh:

    Bravo! :eusa_clap ;)
  2. Bugsy

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    Glad I could be of service.
  3. dhermann1

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    Da Bronx, NY, USA
    You can usually use less laundry detergent and bleach than what's recommended on label. If you have reasonably soft water you can get away with half the detergent recommended, and I tend to use that as a rule of thumb on bleach as well. Half the value of bleach on underwear is as a germ killer, and the smaller amount is adequate for that, too.
    I feel extremely uncomfortable without a t shirt underneath. They seem to moderate the extremes of hot and cold, and in New York you tend to get extremes of temperature from minute to minute, outside in the cold with heavy coat, then in the subway with excessive heat.
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    and Therefore...

    Subtlety, my middle name. :D
  5. Bugsy

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    You are a card, not a joker, but something to be dealt with.
  6. Bugsy

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    You shouldn't have thrown them away. They make great dust rags.
  7. SamMarlowPI

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    boxers and beaters...
  8. Bugsy

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    The sense of being perfectly well dressed gives a feeling of inward tranquility which religion is powerless to bestow.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  9. shindeco

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    Have you tried their French backs? I've tried both and can't decide which I like best but I think the French back wins by a hair.
  10. scotrace

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    Small Town Ohio, USA
    I am liking the tie backs from Vermont Country Store very much. They sit very high at the waist (above the belly button) and from the back they look almost Williamsburg-Colonial. Hard to describe. They are also more fitted in the seat than common boxers. I don't think they would work out if a chap had much of a front porch.
    They are also very comfortable as there is no elastic to dig at your middle.
  11. MK

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    I guess Ralph never met Jesus.
  12. Feraud

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    Hardlucksville, NY
    Does Vermont still carry them?
    I checked the website and do not see it..
  13. Bugsy

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    I have tried the French back boxers, but the buttons seems to get in my way for some reason. The tie backs were also easier to adjust--at least to my waist. However, like you, I have both.

  14. scotrace

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    Small Town Ohio, USA
  15. Bugsy

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  16. shortbow

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    british columbia

    It is currently 100 degrees, so I am indoors wearing a "wifebeater" undershirt, so as not to frighten the dog by going bare chested. Forgive that appellation but I don't know what they are properly called in NA, although I believe they are known as "vests" in the UK.

    Anyhow, I only have this one, and I save it for this purpose. My question is:

    As an undershirt, what is the point of them as opposed to T's? Seems to me they can't protect the shirt's underarms nor the neck area. I know they were universally used in days of yore, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why.

    Can anybody enlighten me?

    Apologies to the ladies and those of a delicate sensibility, but where else could I ask?

    Thanks eh?
  17. univibe88

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    I believe it is properly called an A-shirt. I find that when it is so hot that I'm going to sweat through a t-shirt undershirt anyway, that I'll go for the a-shirt and try to keep a little cooler
  18. BellyTank

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    I believe, the original purpose, or an earlier usage, in England,
    at least, was as an "Athletic Vest". Not an undershirt, no use for sleeves.
    Also commonly known as a singlet- at least in the Antipodes.

  19. I've never quite been able to work out whether the undershirt was intended for:

    1) protection of the overgarments from sweat

    2) layers for insulation in colder weather

    3) prevention of unsightly nipple showing through the overshirt.

    Maybe it was for all 3. The only one which a vest is useless for is the first, since the armpits are the greatest sweat producers in the upper body.

  20. Flivver

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    New England
    A-Shirts...back in the early 1960s, Boston radio personality Dave Maynard (WBZ) waged a campaign to convince the men of New England to stop wearing exposed sleeveless undershirts. He considered them to be the height of tackiness and my mom agreed. She would never let my dad wear one under any circumstances.

    Our next door neighbor *always* wore one of these shirts when he worked in the yard. My mom used to complain: "If only Dave Maynard could see *this*!"

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