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Mobile Phones?


One Too Many
Plainfield, CT
Maybe the sun or food will kill me first. I'm not worried. Drink a beer at the beach while talking on the iPhone and see what kills me first. That's science. Too many medical pandemics to care about any of them.


Call Me a Cab
Bremerton, Washington
Brain cancer from ubiquitous cell phone use will be tomorrow's plague. Any of you with children in med school looking for a specialty?

I have had this thought on occasion, although I won't let it worry me. It's too easy to come up with things to worry about if you let your mind run wild.

As for cell phone use, I don't have a land line anymore, so the cell is all I have. I don't let it control me though, and generally only answer it when I'm not talking or visiting with someone in person, not driving, or interacting with others in a public situation (in the checkout line, etc). I have voicemail for a reason...although I have to agree with some of the others here who have stated how people they know become worried or shocked when they don't answer their cell phone right away. I have been told I can be difficult to reach, although that just means I don't want to be controlled by a wireless, electronic leash.

Phineas Lamour

Practically Family
Crossville, Tennessee
I have a smart phone. I carry it everywhere. I even check the Lounge on it sometimes. I prefer a watch for telling time. It is easier to glance at your wrist than to pull a phone out and activate the screen.
It is a constant source of annoyance for my coworkers that my phone is either: a) forgotten and left at home (turned off), b) with me and turned off, c) I don't know where it is right now (probably turned off). I have no interest in "updating" my cell phone habits to suit other people. There's really nothing that interesting going on in my life that can't wait until they see me or email me.

Besides urgent demands from her indoors ("pick up *name foodstuff here* on your way home from work!"), It has one, single, solitary usefulness - making arrangements for a night out. It really has been a great advance for someone you're meeting to be able to send a text message and say: "i'm going to be a little late". Does anyone not remember the old days of sitting around getting madder and madder as time ticks on and half an hour later johnny come lately swaggers through the door? Always made for a poor start to the evening. Now, I understand (and this is why I still hate the damn thing) that people now use this as an excuse to be late. The inability to make it on time has become epidemic.


London, UK
It was put best by a stand-up I saw years ago, who recalled the following exchange with a local estate kid:

"In the olden days before mobile phones, how did you manage to go out for a night?"

"We did two things. We made definite plans, and we showed up ****in' on time!"



Familiar Face
I do not own a mobile telephone , no plans to get one . I have always worn a wristwatch.
Too much talk today , not enough action.


My Mail is Forwarded Here
Chattanooga, TN
I'm only 20, but I've always been somewhat of a loner. I have few, if any, friends, so calls are usually limited to family. I do find it convenient on a college campus as a way to coordinate projects and study groups, but beyond that I don't have much use for it. I've got an iPhone, though, and I use it's applications and internet access FAR more than for any sort of communication.
Covina, Califonia 91722
It was put best by a stand-up I saw years ago, who recalled the following exchange with a local estate kid:
"In the olden days before mobile phones, how did you manage to go out for a night?"
"We did two things. We made definite plans, and we showed up ****in' on time!" lol

Today we reserve the right to have an excuse for everything. People like a certain amount of chaos because it allows them excuses. (Many small business only operate under chaos.)


I'll Lock Up
On the move again...
I just recently (and reluctantly) purchased a mobile phone. Just never had much use for one, besides my wife has one. I got it with limited calling time but an unlimited data package. The only reason I got it was a need to be contacted as we will be moving soon and I will be looking for a job. Helps to have a local number to where you are moving to for the prospective employers to contact you. I don't call much, & I never text, but being connected to the internet for news and entertainment is a must. It is a fun little toy though and I'm sure I'll get as much use out of it as out iPad.
Oh, and I wear a wrist watch. My Pops 1949 Eternamatic. Still keeps fantastic time too.




I'll Lock Up
Copenhagen, Denmark.
I have a cellphone...Somewhere.
I tend to forget it, when leaving the house.
I tend to forget to switch it on.
That's how important it is to me.
But I would not live without it.

It's not a camera, it's not a computer or a GPS. It's not even a radio.
It's a telephone!
And all though it has a watch build in - I like my IWC Pilot watch far too much.
Just like I use my Leica camera for pictures and my hi-fi set for music.
It's just a telephone for gods sake!
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Quigley Brown

Call Me a Cab
Des Moines, Iowa
I only got a cell phone because it was cheaper than a land line. I don't have texting in my call plan. I keep it on vibrate all the time. Should I get a call while out in public (very rare) I find a spot out of the way so I will not be heard by others. If I'm at a location where I can't do that (public transportation, for instance) I don't answer it.