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Music suggestions 20's 30's big band & jazz?

Discussion in 'Radio' started by johnnyelvis, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. The Knickerbockers (Ben Selvin) -- Stairway Of Dreams (1928)

  2. 2jakes

    2jakes I'll Lock Up

    Alamo Heights ☀️ Texas
    "We can fight!"
  3. Sam Lanin and his Famous Players -- Don't Keep Me In The Dark, Bright Eyes (1928)
    featuring Tommy Dorsey on trombone

  4. Riviera Dance Orchestra (California Ramblers) -- Moonbeams Kiss Her For Me (1927)

  5. Bernard Ette und sein Orchester -- Ich Glaub', Madame, Sie Haben Einen Schwips

  6. Harry Bidgood and his Broadcasters -- Bye Bye, Pretty Baby

  7. Ambrose and his Orchestra -- If I Had You (1929)

  8. Mike Speciale and his Orchestra -- Caressing You (1929)

  9. Bert Lown and his Orchestra -- Under A Texas Moon (1930)


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