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Discussion in 'WWII' started by BigBrother, May 7, 2021.

  1. BigBrother

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    Hey folks. I started the quest to build out some WWII dress uniforms for social events/dances etc. I was planning on going mostly with WWII Impressions but came across what I *think* is a real doozy today and they put it on hold for me. Please advise with info, opinion, etc.

    As far as I know right now it’s an early war Air Corps officer’s dress jacket and pinks, CBI (if that’s the right acronym) theater. Price is $165. I’m really just above beginner with all of this stuff. I think pinks are tough to come by but I have no real clue. Anyway, the fit is almost perfect on both. I would need an inch or two of breathing room on the jacket and about an inch let out on the pants. Otherwise flawless fit! There are a couple of small holes, barely visible, and what appears to be an old blood or rusty type of stain on the pants I have to imagine can at the very least be reduced 50%.

    Okay, have a look at the pics! (Pardon any rotation issues that might occur as this is from mobile.) Main questions: what is this, how common or rare, is it worth the price, and do you think the jacket will allow 1”-2” of letting out? Thanks so much!!!

    58C51414-CC69-4852-B455-CC819FD13F41.jpeg 640DB2AC-130B-4163-AC6C-CD997BA3FC8F.jpeg 02FE9D26-64D5-4F5D-A2CF-7DED9FEA4ADA.jpeg 8CB82050-AB51-4E9F-B6F2-2E938051FDEF.jpeg 617D70D9-C87C-4B84-9BB1-2B7617213A23.jpeg 50CE1B17-776D-46AB-BF27-6B8A5678526A.jpeg 1945A857-F47C-4218-89F0-7FB05D8F9329.jpeg
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    It's in the typical price range for here (mid-South).

    A Hart, Schafner, and Marx coat is about as good as it gets in terms of quality.
    There doesn't seem to be a lot of material in the coat for letting out, but you need to decide that by seeing it in person. Can't tell about the pants.

    If you are confident it can be made to fit I suggest buying it.
    (It might be worth losing a few pounds to get into it...)
  3. MisterCairo

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    Gads Hill, Ontario
    I cannot comment on the price in comparison with other examples, or the letting out aspect, but if that cost is not something that would lose you your house or cause you to starve, it would be a good collectable, and perhaps something you could either sell on for profit later, or use in trade for something else.

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