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Need overshoe advice


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Hurricane Coast Florida
I'm looking for good rubber overshoes. "OK," you say, "what do you think makes a good rubber overshoe?". Well here are my criteria:
1) Easy to slip on and off my shoes
I have at least three pairs of rubber overshoes that I have bought at different times
(one to keep at home, one pair for the office if the weather turns bad at work, a pair kept in the trunk of my car)
which require feats of a gymnast and the strength of a wrestler to put on and take off.
2) Don't mar the shine on my shoes
I spend a fair amount of effort putting a good shine on my shoes before they go back in the shoe bags of an evening.
So when I put them on in the morning, they gleam. Then the weather is nasty so I put on the rubber overshoes, and
when I get to work and manage to escape the things, the rubber has rubbed off the shine in places. It's no coincidence
that pencil erasers and overshoes are made of the same basic stuff.

I have event spent a sum that I am embarrassed to mention at an Allen Edmonds store on overshoes with a soft nap lining. These ARE relatively easy to get on and off, but still leave a mark on my gleaming, polished surface.

So, I'm looking for specific brands and models, available to fit size 13EEE shoes, that fit these criteria. Who's up?


One Too Many
I will follow this thread with interest since I also need some that meet these requirements, except for size-I wear 10-11's, C-D widths. I use the 'shoe sized' Totes now and they do not protect the ankles in snow nor preserve a spit shine. I recall 'flocked' lined ones when I was younger, but that was a long, long time ago.

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