New Hat Day (First one in years)

Discussion in 'Hats' started by MK, May 7, 2018.

  1. MK

    MK Founder Staff Member Bartender

    I have a nice collection and haven't felt the need for more. So it's been many moons since I've bought a hat. I was shopping with my son who has recently gotten into fedoras. We were in the Goorin Bros store and a grey straw caught my eye. I tried it on was very pleased with the look. That was a week ago. I went back yesterday and bought it. It's called The Gilder. I love the shape and the slate grey color. Enjoy!

    The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.


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  2. Short Balding Guy

    Short Balding Guy I'll Lock Up

    Minnesota, USA
    Congrats! Welcome back on your new hat day. Don't be a stranger. Post often as I appreciate your sharing your oldster hats.

    Wear the Gilder with pride. Best, Eric-
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  3. MK

    MK Founder Staff Member Bartender

    Thank you, Eric.
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  4. RBH

    RBH Bartender

    Sharp looking hat you got there Boss!
    I like it !
    Great to see you!

    P.S. good to hear the next generation is also liking fedoras!
  5. MK

    MK Founder Staff Member Bartender

    Thanks. My son will be making his first post soon. He has me watching Peaky Blinders with him. ✌️
  6. msoliday

    msoliday One of the Regulars

    Nice straw. I like the dimensions and color - will have to check one out soon!
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  7. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    Very nice indeed. I'm a fan of coloured straw. This reminds me somewhat of my Akubra Capricorn, though it doesn't have the 'sheen' that the polystraw does. I like the natural look to it (texture wise, that is, as opposed to the colour). I'd definitely consider one of those if they are available in the UK.
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