New Ladies and Gents Step Forward

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Lauren, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. RBH

    RBH Bartender

    Yopu expressed yourself very well!
    Welcome to the Lounge!
  2. nola89

    nola89 Familiar Face

    New Orleans, LA

    Meyer The Hatter is quite a wonderful place. Their products listed on the website doesn't even scratch the surface of their actual inventory. Marcelle is a wonderful lady. Hats wall to wall and to the ceiling, literally!
  3. bstrickmma

    bstrickmma New in Town

    Glad to be here, and next period authentic project for me is to swtich to straight razor shaving. :)
  4. bendingoak

    bendingoak Vendor


    Brave man. I had a straight razor shave a few times and there is nothing better. I just don't think I could do it myself.
  5. Annabelle4

    Annabelle4 New in Town

    Hi everyone :)

    I found this forum while searching for information on vintage hairstyles and makeup. I'm finding so much fascinating and useful information here!

    I'm 34 years old, live in Texas, have been co-habitating with the love of my life for 10 years, and have no children. I teach English at a university, and specialize in teaching online. I spend much of my free time - some would say too much of my free time! - in front of a computer, on one forum or another.

    In addition to loving vintage fashion and makeup, I also collect tarot decks - I have over 400 tarot decks at last count.

    I'm happy to be here and look forward to learning from and contributing to the community :).

    (Oh . . and that is me in my user pic. The photo was taken about 5 years ago, though, and on a very good hair day (my hair doesn't usually shine quite that nicely!).
  6. sweetarita

    sweetarita New in Town

    Hi everyone! I am new too, but have been reading the lounge for a long time. I have been collecting & wearing vintage clothing seriously for 10 years, although I dabbled in it in jr high & high school with my Grandma's things. I wear a vintage dress from the 40s or 50s every single day. Well, except when working out or cleaning the house. heehee My favorite eras are the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. :)
  7. Lenah

    Lenah New in Town

    Vancouver, BC
    Better late than never - I introduced myself in a different thread. :)

    I'm Lenah, am 34, live in Vancouver, BC, moved here three years ago from Germany with SO and daughter (where SO and I grew up and my DD was born.). Am crazy about vintage anything, and the more I dig into it, the more surprises I find. I work as an Office Manager, and am starting to take my interest for vintage further, by starting to buy items and to collect.

    I have a daughter with the man I've been together with for the last 10 years (in the fall of this year), and we haven't married yet either. When/If we ever do, I would like it to be vintage of course. I'm dying to take swing dance lessons, but would prefer to go with him. He's not feeling the love for it though, so I still have some convincing to do. :)
  8. Chrome

    Chrome One of the Regulars

    Hyvinkää, Finland

    I found this site while I searched old leatherjackets for riding gear, style first even my bike is in pieces and stays that way for time being.

    I’m man in early thirties and live in Finland. I love everything about fourties and fifties and it is a shame that here isn’t much activity related to things from fourties (swing balls and reenactment as an example) so I’m stuck in the fifties but that’s not so bad thing for me.

    Other thing that I like is science fiction, and superscience/weirdscience like Sky Captain or like in comic book terminal city.

    Most of all, I consider me as a greaser who loves cars and music. Suits and other fine clothing is quite new thing to me so this place is heaven for me.

    Thank you all for making this lounge so fabulous and educational ;)
  9. John Chance

    John Chance New in Town

    Downriver, MI
    Hello All,
    My name is Chance and I am a Retro-holic. I've always had an eye on the past, not just for the style but for the ideology. In regards to ideology; I miss the days when things were built to last or at least had the ability to be repaired so you didn't need to throw them away and buy a new one. For style, I like mixing the classic and the modern, my MP3 player is loaded with Sinatra and Peggy Lee. I went to my prom in white tie and tails instead of a day-glo cummerbund. When I finally moved up to a management position I was disappointed that the dress code does not make ties and suits mandatory. My parents taught me what I consider to be 'proper' manners; I still say Sir and Ma'am when speaking with people, I get uncomfortable walking through a door before a woman, I think that swearing in public makes one look vulgar and crude. I own kilts and shave with a safety razor older than two of me. I am a Buddhist and have served in the U.S Navy. Finally, I love making these intro posts of randomly strewn together lists of likes/dislikes and thoughts on the world.
  10. Dani_Daydream

    Dani_Daydream New in Town

    Dear Old Blighty
    Well Hello There!

    I'm Dani. I'm a Londoner and a bit of a scallywag.

    I've been immersed in vintage clothing for as long as I can remember. I started off as a teenager in 80's stiletto's and bat wing jumpers... and since then I suppose I have been fashionably devolving.

    (obviously missing out the 70's). I went from the 80's back to the 60's look for a long time, with a big beehive and LOTS and LOTS of crazy flower prints. Then I bought myself a huge Petticoat and became Miss 1950's. I really loved the 1950's look, it was so fun and exciting and the whole scene found me brilliant friends and many happy memories. I ran a stall in London's famous Portobello Market where I got to dress up and sell all my old dresses and talk and have fun with people, which was great.

    But now, here I am. I've ditched my petticoat for a veiled hat, my quiff is now a superb reverse roll and I'm ready to go. There's something enamouring about the 1940's. An age where a ladie's handbag was only big enough for a pack of cigarettes and a little lipstick.

    Anyway, enough about me!

    (Oh, and I like to talk)
  11. Marchesa Luisa

    Marchesa Luisa New in Town

    Ciao darlinks,

    This seems like a splendid little gaff to while away an hour or so a day; let me introduce myself:

    I am the Marchesa Luisa Casata: Artists muse and general ne'er do well. Collector of exotic animals and vintage clothing.

    Pleased to meet you all.

  12. jac

    jac Familiar Face


    I first found this forum while trying to find info online, and was grateful to discover this great resource!

    I'm Jacki Randall, owner/artist of Charm City Tattoo in Baltimore.

    I'm a musician & artist.

    I love; vintage flannel shirts, horsehide jackets, leather, guitars (& most instruments), cobalt glass, massive quartz crystals, old motorcycles & cars, locomotives, museums, history, mysteries, the paranormal & occult, birds, and my partner of nearly 20 years.
  13. Lau Mo

    Lau Mo Familiar Face

    Newport, RI
    Hey all,

    I'm Lauren, and I'm currently in college. I'm so glad I found this site, people at my school seem to think that my addiction to vintage styles is strange, as they are all addicted to their straightening irons and sweatpants. Luckily, I'm in a major that attracts people interested in history and therefore usually vintage, Cultural and Historic Preservation :)

    Currently I am still deciding what I want to do with that major, but right now the plan is to go to Grad School for either Archaeology or Museum Studies. My perfect job would be working at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in D.C.

    Well, enough about me, I'm going to browse the site :)
  14. balgal

    balgal New in Town

    Portland, Or
    Oh my god!! I went through a culinary school and a unsafe job! I figured after that that I wanted to go to beauty school. But...

    I had to work for a year at a temp job, and I am now going to beauty school.
    Its so nice that I am finally doing something that I like to do. :)

    I agree with you! Cutting a client's hair or change their makeup will make that person feel better about themselves.
  15. aldocello

    aldocello New in Town

    Hello everybody. I've been lurking here and learning about hats for about 2 months. During that time I bought a Dobbs Open Road style hat on ebay. Just ordered an Akubra CEO in cruiser grey about an hour ago. I found the Fedora Lounge through a guitar site I frequent on a thread discussing hats.
  16. Introduction

    I may share more later but it's only right to register and join after enjoying the 'Google' hits for so many years, researching vintage clothing/costume questions. My only regret is that I can no loger revel in the sinful, mysterious bliss of being a 'lurker'. Now I get jaw slapped by posting inane comments. I love it here.
  17. JME2

    JME2 New in Town

    Monterey, California
    I learned of the Fedora Lounge through IndyGear and I registered back in October, but because of my academic workload, I completely forgot to visit the site until recently. My name is James, 23, and I'm currently a resident of Monterey, CA. My interests including acting, writing, comics, and history (with a special interest in maritime history)

    I have a love of fedoras thanks to the Indiana Jones films, a love that I hope will continue until my dying day. I am currently sporting a brown Stetson, which has served me well for 3 years, but is on the verge of retirement lin lieu of the arrival of one of Indy Magnoli and Steve Delk's beautifully modified HBJ's.
  18. Seams13

    Seams13 New in Town

    Co. Durham, England

    Hi everyone!
    Have often visited but have never joined. I must admit that at 54 I thought I may be too old to join, but my passion is the Forties and I finally thought, 'what the hell!' So here I am.
  19. KittyVonKirsche

    KittyVonKirsche Familiar Face

    Perth, Australia
    Hi all... I found this amazing forum whilst to tie '40s headscarf lol. I am so unbelievably thrilled to have found you all and even more so to see there are people from perth here! This site is just what Ive been searching for...

    Anyway better introduce myself. Im a stay at home mummy of two gorgeous girls n wifey to my soul mate, whom I met online. Hes the biological daddy of our one year old n daddy by choice to our twelve year old. I was born and raised and will probably die in Perth, Western Australia. Hubby ( i call him the zombie..) moved from England to be with us and we are currently waiting for his permanent residency to come through (please cross your fingers for us!).

    OK me personally... Well Im 32 ears old and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I would love to do a make up artist course or be a photographer as I love taking and editing photos of people. Im new to the vintage scene, although I have loved the styles and the history for a very long time. My favourite eras are the forties and fifties. I have a particular passion for the history and stories of England during the blitz although I have a very soft spot for both Mexican and Asian(particularly Chinese) art, history and culture (although please noone quiz me as I am but a novice :D )
    Im a big girl and Ive struggled with self confidence so have hidden away in black gothicy punky clothes. Since I married the zombie two years ago I have been learning to work with what I've got. I have a definite hourglass figure, with quite an impressive belly lol, so I find the fifties styles terribly flattering. I dont really have the cash or the knowledge to be too authentic and being large its almost impossible to find true vintage stuff so I make do with tight t shirts/tops and a skirt that I actually wore to get married in that's as close to a poodle skirt that i can find in my size. I have been wanting soooo desperately to be able to make the transition to full vintage, at least when going out, and Im so so happy to have found this site. Blahhhh basically i just want to be a lady lol. Im tired of being a scruff.. You ladies are all so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes when i saw some of you...that's what I want to look like :D
    As you can tell I ramble A LOT and I get lost trying to express whats going on in my noggin. Ill try not to bore you all to tears in the forums lol
  20. Esme

    Esme One of the Regulars

    Eugene, Oregon
    OH, KITTY VON KIRSCH, you can be my new best friend!!! Which side of the river are you? I am south and I work in Armadale! We should get together and do some vintage shopping!!
    My husband and I are sort of in the same boat. I am from the US and just got my perm residency awhile back, my husband is from Perth.
    PM me if you want!!
    So glad to see someone else from Perth here.
    PS - I am plus size too and have some things that don't quite fit. Maybe you can use them.

    Oh, I forgot to add that I am going to school to be a nail tech and makeup artist, so if you want some info, let me know. I will be qualified by the end of April.

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