Of Sheep-Dip, Rot-Gut, and Furniture Polish. The worst of the worst.

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by rumblefish, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Well maybe the bottle has some use then. :p
  2. LuvMyMan

    LuvMyMan I’ll Lock Up.

    What does it actually taste like? Too bitter, slime,spoiled,old and nasty? Or is it just plain old cheap tasting?
  3. earl

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    Kansas, USA
    I find their Merlot preferrable to others I've tried in a similar price range and like their Shiraz-Grenache blend. Now, I don't venture into deep waters price-wise. So, have no experience with the pricier ones. But, for the $, these are pretty tasty.;) Earl
  4. earl

    earl One of the Regulars

    Kansas, USA
  5. Well the red wine is preferable to the white that is for sure. :p
  6. sheeplady

    sheeplady I'll Lock Up Bartender

    It's sweet, mainly, but the one I had was sweet yet astringent at the same time. It was an odd taste, kind of like spoiled fruit. I believe I had a white. Sweet whites (unless they are meant to be sweet, like a dessert wine) shock me.

    It has it's reputations as a "palatable" wine. To be honest, I am not a wine snob. Basically there is little that I don't like. There's some things I really like.

    It's a matter of personal preference. I'm not a wine expert- I'd put myself in the category of a novice. Yellow Tail has a reputation of being a novice's wine, and I found what I tried to not fit this novice's palate.

    I really like Buttonwood Grove's Redbud wine (about $8), Knapp's Pasta Red (about $10), and Salmon Run's wines ($8 to $14) are always a good bet. Montezuma Winery's reds are also good and in a similar price range. I drink mainly NYS wine (buy local, support your local winemaker, etc., etc.) There are plenty of wines that are available for a similar price point if you are willing to experiment. I'm not sure if you have good wineries out in your area of the country, but I'd encourage you to try some local wines. There's probably some gems there you haven't discovered yet.

    Again, to each his/ her own, but experiment!
  7. Fortunately I live in California. We don't produce bad wine---aside from Sutter Home. :puke: :p
  8. sheeplady

    sheeplady I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I think they might add food coloring to their wines from the way they look in the stores...

    NYS wines have really nice quality. I love the wine tent at the NYS fair. Had some excellent vermouth there (Atsby) from NYC last year- absolutely sublime vermouth. Couldn't get enough of it- will purchase some more this year if they are at the fair. Speaking of which, have to ask my liquor store to carry it.
  9. You like vermouth?! :faint: :p I would put vermouth well within the confines of this thread. :p
    Sutter Home is owned by a decent winery but they just produce junk with that label on it. I think they found a way to sell their rejects. :p
  10. sheeplady

    sheeplady I'll Lock Up Bartender

    This vermouth is like a really good brandy. Most vermouth isn't worth anything unless you drown it in gin. ;)
  11. Renault

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    Wilbarger creek bottom
    I almost drowned in gin once. Wasn't pretty.

    What about Retsina? Nice Greek wine. I seem to remember an evening of seafood and this wine while on Liberty one evening in Piraeus. Actually wasn't bad. But made for a pretty bad hangover!
  12. I know what you man. I keep a mister bottle handy for martinis. :p
  13. As long as it was GOOD gin. :p
  14. 1961MJS

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    Norman Oklahoma
    I really dislike all vermouth that I've tasted. The three martinis I've had so far will be it, and me a James Bond fan too.

  15. See? That is why vermouth is best dipensed like this:
  16. rumblefish

    rumblefish One Too Many

    Long Island NY
    You know what else I find really awful?.. Mixers, where mixers aren't called for. Like a Tom Collins mixer or daiquiri mixers.
  17. Agreed! If you can't make those on your own---don't!
  18. sheeplady

    sheeplady I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Then you have to have a good gin... ;)
  19. Brad Bowers

    Brad Bowers I'll Lock Up

    James, I'm drinking a New Year's toast just for you!


  20. Is that Sheep Dip, Rot-Gut or Furniture Polish? :p

    Happy (insert answer here) Year! :cheers1:

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