Of Sheep-Dip, Rot-Gut, and Furniture Polish. The worst of the worst.

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by rumblefish, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. rumblefish

    rumblefish One Too Many

    Long Island NY
    Liquors, beers, wines, concoctions. There are some that make you wonder- What were they thinking?!

    Have have two in my bar right now;
    Gordon's Grapefruit Gin & Gordon's Spearmint Gin.
    Blah! *yucky* Nothing slightly appealing about either one. I tried the Grapefruit Gin in a Gimlet, wound up tasting like a lime ice pop, not in a good way.

    "So,,, what won't you have?"


    *Thread inspired by Tomasso's:
    *Dedicated to Mr. jamespowers.;) :D
  2. Ethan Bentley

    Ethan Bentley One Too Many

    The New Forest, Hampshire, UK
    I'd still like to try those two Gins - just for the experience.

    My suggestions - Campari, Cynar, Suze and Frangelico.

  3. The worst of the worst

    Zima. There, I said it. Or, see my thread on sloe gin.

  4. Your list is pretty much my list. However, Frangelico is good in certain mixed drinks. ;)
    French Fry
    1 oz Frangelico® hazelnut liqueur
    1/2 oz triple sec
    2 oz lime juice
    1 dash pineapple juice

    Frangelico Float
    1 cup ice cream
    1 1/4 oz Frangelico® hazelnut liqueur
    1 oz creme de cacao
    1/4 cup milk
    1 oz chocolate syrup

    I have to add Pimms and Unicum to this list. *yucky* What were they thinking? :eusa_doh: ;)
  5. Thanks. I'll be over to clear out all the Cynar and Campari out of your bar this evening. ;) :p
  6. Ethan Bentley

    Ethan Bentley One Too Many

    The New Forest, Hampshire, UK
    I've not had the pleasure, or not as the case may be, of trying Unicum. But Mrs. B would be livid if I got rid of Pimm's.

    Scotch, Absinthe and Pimm's are the order of the day for her.

    Are you drinking it on it's own or mixed like this?


    Your mixing of Frangelico looks like you're putting a good amount of things to hide the sickly taste. :) I had it in a liqueur glass and in a poor relation of a Martini.
  7. Boodles

    Boodles A-List Customer

    Charlotte, NC
    Four Roses - A Blend

    This is NOT the wonderful Four Roses Small Batch or Single Barrel or any of the Straight Bourbon Whiskey versions. For Honorable Mention in the rot-gut category I nominate the Four Roses bottling, the one found right at floor level in your shop, the shelves and bottles with all the dust on them, right next to the Sterno. This is the stuff which is made with a whisper of the real stuff and then adulterated with 2 hour old white-dog. I'm not qualified to say that this is the worst legally produced stuff on the planet but it's in the herd, for sure.
  8. Casket floral spray

    I can recall actually drinking this once at a field party. This is a strong contender.
  9. Geesie

    Geesie Practically Family

    San Diego
    Chartreuse. Why does it exist and why is it so expensive? Is there something that it can mix in that tastes good?
  10. Chartreuse

  11. Midnight Frolic
    2 oz Hendrick’s gin
    1 oz Yellow Chartreuse
    Fresh blueberries
    Muddle the berries and shake all ingredients in a shaker with ice.
    Pour the contents over the muddled blueberries. :D

    This is actually ok. I have tasted much worse. I know we are hiding the Chartreuse taste here as well. ;)
  12. Now this is nasty:

    Art of Choke
    1oz white rum
    1oz Cynar
    1/8 oz lime juice
    1/8 oz demerara syrup
    1/3 oz Green Chartreuse
    Fresh mint sprig (garnish)
    Muddle a mint sprig in the mixing glass
    with the other ingredients
    Stir and strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass
    Garnish with an artfully positioned mint sprig and you have wasted your time on this drink. :rolleyes: :eusa_doh:
  13. Pick your Green Fire poison

    That's why you're the Bartender...
  14. Ethan Bentley

    Ethan Bentley One Too Many

    The New Forest, Hampshire, UK
    Have you just made this up? :) Does it come with a Campari chaser? lol
  15. No. It is a real drink that you can look up in a few large bartender books. Large being the operative word.
    I am sure you could make it even worse by adding Campari. ;) :p
    However, I am sure someone here will make it and love it. C'est la vie. [huh] :eusa_doh:

  16. Try the midnight Frolic. I am serious. It tastes just fine and won't kill you like Cynar or Campari. ;) :p
  17. Picked your poison

    Jamespowers, I believe you. It is too embarassing to admit that I have NONE of these ingredients in house at the moment. Well, I have gin, but my tastes are low and I admit to liking Gordon's and Beefeaters. Someday.....
  18. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    Advocaat and peach schnapps, disgusting things. And I can't stand any of those sparkling sweet wines like Asti Spumante (or Asti Spewmadly as we used to call it back home) that teenage girls throw down themselves in vast quantities.

    I love Pimms though, one of the most refreshing of summer drinks.
  19. adamjaskie

    adamjaskie One of the Regulars

    Detroit, MI
    Grapefruit gin doesn't actually sound too bad. MINT gin on the other hand...

    Let's see... cheap akvavit is pretty nasty stuff. It's not so bad when chilled until it is viscous, after a few toasts (you have to toast each person in the room individually, of course, so if there are five people, everyone takes four shots).

    Cheap grappa is pretty foul; probably the worst clear liquor I've had.

    I can't abide most liqueurs alone. They have to be mixed with something that cuts the sweetness significantly.

    As far as mixed drinks, there's the Cement Mixer, favorite first college drink of gullible freshmen:
    Take half a shot of Bailey's. Hold it in your mouth.
    Take half a shot of lime juice. Swish it around.
  20. Ethan Bentley

    Ethan Bentley One Too Many

    The New Forest, Hampshire, UK
    Sounds like a challenge.

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