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Please help Cindy (LuvMyMan) and Daniel.

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Bob Roberts, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Dlaniger

    Dlaniger One Too Many

    Philadelphia PA
    Dear Cindy,
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss and the grief you are attempting to manage. May you soon find peace and comfort in time. Sending positive energy and love.

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  2. LuvMyMan

    LuvMyMan Vendor

    Once again I have to say thank you so dearly to everyone.

    I am going to make a room set up here as sort of a "dedication" and memory of all the things we have done together over our life time together. It has been so hard for me to do many things as I feel sort of numb and not over the painful loss yet.
  3. Big Man

    Big Man My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Nebo, NC
    That is a good way to help deal with grief. I did something similar after my Dad passed (I took care of him for almost 5 years). You seem like a strong person, and that combined with the obvious closeness you shared with your husband, will get you through this trying time. I know it's hard, but always remember that you have people who you have never met who are thinking of you.
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