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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Felt, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Felt

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    Hi all, I'm new here and have really enjoyed looking through many of the threads!

    I've been wearing fedoras since I was a teenager but the hats I wore were expressly made not to have any visible branding information on them. (E.g., think of the Borsalino "religious" models.) But I don't really like their high crown and wide brim styles nor do I wear black hats now. (I prefer grey.)

    But in getting other styles, I don't like the branding that is so common on many other hats. But removing the pin on a Stetson leaves visible holes in the ribbon and many Borsalino's have the name stitched into the ribbon itself.

    Of course, I can always switch the ribbon but that's something of a pain. So, I'm curious if anyone else likes to "debrand" their hats, and if so, how do you do it?

    Many thanks!
  2. Edward

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    I wouldn't worry about the pinholes - I'm sure they'll disappear with time, same as a hole made by a lapel pin. Even if not, they'll never be seen by anyone not expressly looking for them. I tend to buy hats which don't have obvious labels anyhow, which isn't hard to find in a furfelt fedora. Akubra are great that way, many others too.
  3. Lawrence Ullman

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    I feel your pain! First thing I do when I get a new (vintage) hat is carefully remove any brand pin. (Must have a half-dozen Dobbs pins by now.) Feathers also come off. So far, any remaining pin holes are all but invisible. Those hideous sewn-in brand labels that new hats seem to be sporting are yet another reason to buy vintage!
  4. Jedwbpm

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    As far as the Borsalino logo on the band that is a separate part. you can take off the band and twist that part inside out so to speak and the logo with be gone.

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