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Schott Cafecto 603 break in begins. Initial Impressions


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Purchased at the new Soho NYC Schott store. Been eyeing this for a while. Great companion to my 519. I shouldn't have waited this long to purchase.

Some big differences with the 6 series perfectos.
- No collar thus no collar snaps.
- No belt
- No insulation of any kind. Just the satin lining for easy on off.
- No interior pockets. I repeat, all pockets are on the outside.
- it has bi-swing back but no underarm footballs
-slimmer fit

This is a perfect 3 to 4 season leather jacket for on or off bike, as long as you know how to layer. You can wear this in spring or summer with a t shirt. Or in winter with wool insulating layer and a hoodie. but the quilted lining models are a little warmer since the have some poly insulation in quilted lining. I would argue this 603 gives me more flexibility and room to layer a down performance layer since it has no insulation to compete for space.

It is a little lighter, but feels much lighter than the Perfecto without the leather collar/lapels, underarm footballs , belt, buckle, or insulation.

I recommend you use size calculator. I wear a medium 519 and the 40 Cafecto fits me perfect. Slim but no issues zipping up with hoodie. I am 5'8 and 150 lbs. 32 - 33 jeans.

I have a strong feeling my 519 is gonna get jealous.


PS I took a break from riding but here is a inspiration photo I found on Insta of the 603 on bike. If I was still riding i would choose this over the Perfecto if you wear a full helmet. The collar up on the perfecto will interfere with the helmet.

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