Shoe shine:Do your own or take out??

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by moustache, Apr 30, 2007.

Shoe shine:Do your own or take out?

  1. Do your own

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  2. Take out/shoe service

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  1. moustache

    moustache Practically Family

    Many people just do not have time to fiddle with shining and taking care of their shoes.I,for one,like to do my own.Saves money and i enjoy it.What about fellow FL'ers?
    Take to a business/shoe shine,or do your own at home??

  2. happyfilmluvguy

    happyfilmluvguy Call Me a Cab

    I do it at home.
  3. cookie

    cookie I'll Lock Up

    Sydney Australia
    Shoes shine

    No button for "all of the above"?
  4. TraderRic

    TraderRic One of the Regulars

    I do it myself or "allow" one of my boys to do it.
  5. anon`

    anon` One Too Many

    DIY. Never had any of them shined by someone else, but I'd like to see how it turns out someday. Not that I ever find myself at the appropriate facility with both time and money to burn, but it's a goal, I suppose.
  6. Really, most folks do have the time. Watching a ball game/golf match on TV when it's raining outside, or in my case watching PBR on Sunday nights. With some folks it's an art-form.
  7. Marty M.

    Marty M. Vendor

    Bring on the shine.

    I mostly do my own. The exception would be at the begining of the Spring season with my Spectators. Ah yes, attending Easter Mass with a freshly and professionally shined Spectator Kicks and a classic Straw Lid. Now that's the way to bring in the Spring season.
  8. warbird

    warbird One Too Many

    Northern Virginia
    I almost always do my own. I either do it working in the workshop, or I'll bring the stuff in the living room and work on them while watching tv. I enjoy shining my shoes. I find it oddly relaxing and appreciate the accomplishment of a shiny pair of shoes.

    However, when I am at the legislature 6 mos a yr, they have a shoe shine fella there and I get one a week or every other. He does a great job of cleaning and shining and dressing the soles as well. And all for $5, $7 w/ a tip.
  9. DBFedora

    DBFedora Guest

    Do my own. Can you imagine what the wife would say if I wanted to add that to the budget? Besides, it's a good thing for my boys to learn how to do as well.
  10. Yes and yes.

    I usually do my own shoe shine but when in Las Vegas I do like to avail myself of the shoe shine stands you can find in some of the Hotel / Casinos.

    A pro shine is a joy and a treat.

  11. WineGuy

    WineGuy A-List Customer

    Metro New York
    Prefer to give the business to a good shoe shiner, so when ever I'm in an airport, terminal or mall and there's a stand I always grab a shine...just want to help keep the trade alive. The rest of the time I do it myself...usually just touch ups...nothing hard core.
  12. St.Ignatz

    St.Ignatz Call Me a Cab

    Left of Philadelphia
    Both. When you shine your own you really see how the leather is holding up. Cracks starting, small scuffs wear points help me be aware of my posture at work and in the car.
    Tom D.
  13. DeaconKC

    DeaconKC One Too Many

    Heber Springs, AR
    I enjoy the satisfaction of doing the job myself and doing it well.
  14. latinmajorac

    latinmajorac New in Town

    Ames IA
    Always do mine myself. shoe shine saturday (off season) shoe shine thursday (on season). Throw on a ball game and line up all of my shoes. it is becoming to take longer and longer. roughly 35 minutes a pair. but it is so relaxing
  15. WideBrimm

    WideBrimm A-List Customer

    Aurora, Colorado
    I've (almost) always shined my shoes myself at home:D As a kid my dad would make us kids sit down at the kitchen table on weekends and do not only our own, but his shoes as well. :) These days I still shine my own, but not always so often when I'm just plain lazy. :p
  16. Derek WC

    Derek WC Banned

    The Left Coast
    I shine my own shoes. It's really relaxing for some reason.
  17. Adcurium

    Adcurium A-List Customer

    Newport County, Rhode Island
    I usually shine my own but that's really bc I don't have a convenient shine service. When I'm in Vegas or AC I'll get them shined bc just about every casino has a stand. And I'll get them done when I'm at the airport. But other than that, I don't know of any other place. We had one in the Financial District in Providence but he hasn't been there in 10 years. And my Barber has three shoe-shine chairs but it seems like there is never anyone available to give you a shine when it's convenient for you. They do have a drop of service but I would rather just do mine some evening while I'm trying to keep quiet but busy.
  18. Pompidou

    Pompidou One Too Many

    Plainfield, CT
    I do my own, but probably not very well. When my own efforts stop helping, I get new shoes.
  19. WW2WaltUSMC

    WW2WaltUSMC New in Town

    Boston, MA
    I've shined my own boots and shoes since I was twelve. I love sitting down with my polish kit and making my leather gear shine like a mirror. I do use shine boys often though. When I have a few free minutes in the city I like to stop by the prudential center, their shine boys are the best in beantown i've found thus far. BWI has a swell shine stand, decorated with a rat pack theme, that I stop by whenever I'm flying home from my girlfriend's. There's nothing like a good shine, whether I shine or the boy shines!
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2011
  20. Yeps

    Yeps Call Me a Cab

    That is actually one of my standard Friday or Saturday afternoon activities. It helps me wind down from the week. Lately sitting with a cup of tea, polishing two or three pairs of shoes while listening to a James Bond audiobook has been the thing to do.

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