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Discussion in 'Suits' started by avedwards, Jan 7, 2011.

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    It's mainly grey, with shades of brown and green.
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    Hello all. I recently purchased this lovely 1930s (hopefully) suit while at a vintage festival here in the UK.
    It hadn't been treated too kindly by a previous owner (possibly used in the theatre) as a third button had been added to the jacket - sewn on the outside and fastened with a popper, and the lapels pressed higher up.
    I've removed the offending items and pressed the lapels back to their original position.
    The trousers had cuffs but were only folded, with no signs of stitching. Was it unusual for trousers to be cuffless in the 30's? There is about 3 inches of material to play with so cuffs are an option if I wanted them.
    Brace buttons have also been sewn on, four of them military type brass buttons. I am thinking that none were fitted originally as there are side adjusters fitted.
    The waistcoat has a watch chain buttonhole and an inside pocket.
    Inside the trousers and under the waistcoat belt are labels for 'Barker's of Kensington bespoke tailors', unfortunately not dated.
    There is no top pocket on the jacket, is this unusual?
    Any thoughts on the age of the suit?

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  3. Patrick Hall

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    I think 1930s is a safe bet. Is there no breast pocket? How peculiar.
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