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    Is it ever acceptable to wear a stand collar with a long necktie, and a morning coat? My Dad seems to think a stand collar is for bow ties only, while I've worn a long necktie to Lodge for years, with a stand collar. It isn't that I don't own a bow tie we as members have the right to wear a certain tie which we had made years ago. I would rather wear that tie, than a generic bow tie.

    Of course, for functions which are solely at night, and Masonic in nature (ie dinner parties) most people wear a suit or a dinner jacket. In that case, most people wear bow ties or a variant on such.

    What is better, a long tie or a bow tie worn with a stand collar to be worn with a morning coat for day functions?

  2. Zoukatron

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    London, UK
    Are you talking about Masonic events or events requiring morning dress in general? If Masonic, I have no idea. If general, I would actually argue against wearing a standing collar at all, regardless of whether you are wearing a neck tie or bow tie. Standing collars and wing collars are becoming historical rather than formal in the context of morning dress (as are cravats), just look at how people wear dressed for the last two British royal weddings and the dress code for events like the Royal Ascot.

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