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Tailor / alterations in Melbourne? (and a Bangkok tailor story, if anyone is interested)


New in Town
Southern Riverina, Australia
Hi everyone. Last things first, I'm looking for someone in Melbourne (ideally inner north) to tweak a couple of suits. Preferably someone who knows more than I do about fitting a larger gent, that will know exactly what to tweak, as I wouldn't have a clue!

Now the Bangkok story. It's actually a happy one, the lady and I recently stopped there for a couple of nights on the way home from visiting family overseas. I'd been to Bangkok before but she hadn't. She wanted to go to Iconsiam (luxury mall) to buy some clothes for work and an upcoming dinner and I reckoned a tuktuk would be more fun than a cab. I was familiar with the tuktuk tourist deal so I wasn't surprised when the driver offered to show us around for free as long as we visit a couple of shops so he can get his tokens. It's a fun way to spend an hour or so.

First place he took us was a large tailor and dressmaker (happy to name it if anyone cares). Being naturally suspicious I thought I knew all the tricks, until we left an hour or so later (and our credit card a couple of grand or so lighter) and compared notes. Turns out neither of us were planning to buy anything until we saw how serious the other looked, feeling fabrics and discussing fit etc, at which point apparently we both decided 'well if he/she is serious'... These guys are good! Whatever, I've never had a suit tailored before, and if the credit card wasn't already dead it could obviously take a beating. We went back that same evening for our one and only 'basted' fitting before flying out the next morning.

Well here we are 3 weeks later and we've just received my 2 suits (grey summerweight wool and tan linen) and 3 shirts, and the lady's several dresses, pants and jackets, along with a couple of nice complimentary ties and scarves. She's away and hasn't tried hers yet, but I'm really happy with mine. I'm sure a true afficionado could spot flaws, but the fabrics and details I can see are excellent, and the fit is surprisingly good for a single fitting. In fact I can't fault it, and can happily wear everything as it is, but I'd also be happy to go the extra step and get someone to tweak it if they can see improvements to be made).

In all I'd rate the whole experience as 'fun', not to mention pretty good value, with 2 suits and 3 shirts coming in under AU$1000. As someone who has almost never worn a suit I now can't wait to find some opportunities to suit up!

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