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The Mummy clothes

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Ken, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. The Good

    The Good Call Me a Cab

    California, USA
    J0shtafarEYE, I found a picture of what you mean, Henderson's hat in The Mummy (first one).


    Looks like a neat outback/western style, and has a wide brim. Too bad it's the only picture I could find, since it's only a partial shot. But I saw the movie recently, so I knew what hat you meant.

    P.S. They're apparently making a The Mummy MMORPG game. It's supposed to be free (I think), and this actually looks good for that sort of thing. Better than RuneScape, anyway. If I can get this to run on my Mac, I think I'll be onboard with this.

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  2. Maguire

    Maguire Practically Family

    New York
    I think most movies today especially that are period pieces or meant to take place in a "world of hats" tend to always keep the main character hat free. I noticed this in Dark City, the 1989 Batman, and other films, where all the characters around the main character will be wearing a hat and generally traditional clothes while the main character will always dress in a more "modern way". I'd say this probably encourages us to relate to the character and see him as "one of us" rather than as someone frozen at that time. ( know this post was made early in the thread, but i had been thinking about this before seeing it mentioned here).
  3. I agree, The Good, it's kind of a cross between a Western/Outback style. Looks like a lower crowned, raw brim about 3" size. Josh, if you browse the Hat section, or post your question in the "Ask a Question" section of Hats Threads, someone might have some suggestions where to find a hat like this. Check David Morgan Akubra hats for one.
  4. jOshtafarEYE

    jOshtafarEYE New in Town

    Thank you very much, the picture helps so much even if it is partial. Not to mention a hilarious shot.

    Thank you, I think I'll do that right now. I know also that it has a pinch front, so that just narrows it down a bit more.

    And thanks for all the help guys really, hopefully I'll be able to find what I am looking for!
  5. Lone_Ranger

    Lone_Ranger Practically Family

    Central, PA
    I believe one of the secondary characters in "Tombstone" wears them. One of Wyatt Earp's friend's I think?
  6. bombjacket42

    bombjacket42 New in Town

    Interesting you would like to know this. I would also like to know what gear he is wearing. But I want to know what he is wearing in Mummy Returns in the mansion scene when he is wearing his Fedora with luggage having just arrived at their mansion house.
    Does anyone know what type of jacket he is wearing in particular.? Is it leather and what colour is that jacket? Thankyou
  7. backstagejack

    backstagejack New in Town

    New England
    Older thread but for what it's worth, I reached out to Wested once. They said they made the holsters, and the bracer for the original film. Could be true, could not be. I know some places tend to take claim in order to get business.
  8. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    Interesting thread. Old, though. I sort of live in the 1930s and 1940s in some ways and I'm very much influenced by what I see in movies from those decades. I've always enjoyed jungle movies and similar adventure movies. Post-war movies are in some ways more interesting and still set in exotic places like the South Seas and other tropical places. As it was, I was actually born in the 1940s but I don't live there anymore.

    The topic of shirts comes up a lot and I wanted to mention that L.L. Bean has an excellent example of a field shirt, complete with epaulets/shoulder straps (which I can do without). It comes in a pale khaki, which they call "cement," blue, which they call "dark mariner" and a pale olive green, which they call "dusty olive." They're very good shirts made of all-cotton poplin and even available in tall. They are equal in quality to Filson mid-weight shirts, I believe.

    Many older movies show characters in breeches but I don't think I could pull off the look without a horse. But breeches are almost never seen in post-war movies.
  9. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    Oh, I meant to mention something about scarves or neckerchiefs.

    Older camping manuals, like Kephart's, invariably mention large silk neckerchiefs as essential for the well turned-out outdoorsman but it seems to have disappeared from even the longest list of essentials, at least as something to wear around the neck. I've never had one that was really large enough to wear around the neck boy scout-style, but I have substitutes. I recently acquired two "sweat rags" (that what it says on the label) that are British issue. Presumably they are to be worn ascot-fashion with your MTP combat jacket or bush jacket or field shirt. But I haven't been out in the woods since I got them. I also have a French army scarf that is about six or seven feet long and also intended to be doubled and worn around the neck. It's called a "ch├Ęche." Popular for decades, they seem to be out of fashion at the moment. There's also the "shemagh," also popular in the army for a while but it really isn't neckwear but headwear and not that practical from my standpoint.

    On the other hand, just how practical is this necktie I'm wearing at the moment?

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