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What do you blue collar folks wear on a daily basis?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by APP Adrian, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. APP Adrian

    APP Adrian A-List Customer

    What do you laborer, contractors, etc wear?

    I usually wear a pair of 6 inch steel toe boots and Dickies coeveralls. I have a moonstone Akubra FED IV Deluxe.

    I'm thinking about getting a cap to wear in doors since a brim hat will get in the way.

    I'm looking for janitorial/laborer work at the moment.

    DSC_0407.jpg DSC_0406.jpg DSC_0403.jpg
  2. emigran

    emigran Practically Family

    Slax and shirt... fall through spring includes vests... I have a week's rotation of 7 VS Custom's that'll go with any combo including outerwear...
  3. tropicalbob

    tropicalbob My Mail is Forwarded Here

    miami, fl
    One thing I've noticed is that, among my contractor friends, the only pants they'll wear are Wrangler jeans. They're all Southern boys and wouldn't be caught dead in anything else.
  4. JackieMatra

    JackieMatra A-List Customer

    Maryland, U.S.A.
    For whatever it's worth, my Alaskan nephew, who spends much time at work and leisure outdoors, absolutely swears by Carhartt denim jeans and canvas duck trousers, unlined and lined, and "wouldn't be caught dead in anything else".
  5. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    Although I'm actually wearing a blue shirt (collar attached), I'm not a blue collar worker. But we have a cabinet-making shop in the back and I just trotted back to survey their work clothes. We also have another location that includes a crew that does outside installation, this being a trade show company. I get out to the other location now and then.

    Of those here, to a man, they were wearing blue jeans and t-shirts and all the t-shirts had a logo of some sort. All were wearing sneakers. The department supervisor was likewise wearing jeans, sneakers but a polo shirt. Nobody had their shirts tucked in. Everyone works inside but two men were wearing baseball caps (brim to the front). I have also seen at the other location men wearing shorts, cargo shorts or pants and camouflage pants. When on location, they wear t-shirts with the company name.

    I was unable to discern any brand names of jeans but at least one was wearing a Carhartt t-shirt.
  6. Benproof

    Benproof A-List Customer

  7. dh66


    down south
    Summertime it's dickies chinos. Cooler weather I break out the carhartt dungarees. Dickies type twill work shirts and/or a t shirt up top year round, with a hoodie if it's coolish. I have some carhartt insulated overalls and coat for the really cold weather. Currently punishing a pair of red wing iron rangers on my feet. I have some lacrosse steel toe pull on rubber boots in the truck right now for extra muddy days.

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