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What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?


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East Java
Just kendo-gi type3, almost 2 yrs old I think my most worn jacket by far of all leather and denim combined.
The fading is not sharp at all, just dulling all around from indirect UV radiation i guess since i dont stand in the full sun at all.

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Over the last few months I have been making retirement adjustments unloading jackets, shoes etc. I wanted to get down to 3 major jackets and was close; then Aero Fan_7 put up the exact J-23 in the correct size. It came in a couple of weeks ago and I have to say it really is perfect for my needs. I have worn it riding a couple of times now and while it probably will not be my go to jacket for the bike it will be my everyday jacket. The wife made these photos right after I purchased it and the fit is pretty dog gone good. Of course more walking is necessary to get my weight down but not nearly as much as it would be at a size 44.
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I have to say this is impressive.
That jacket with a Sunburst back similar to the one @handymike posted yesterday might be my first 5 star trial run...
The gussets are sorta like what Bates and Cal do, gradually getting deeper as they move toward the pits. In my experience that’s where the functionality is realized.
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This guy has numerous complaints from sellers.
Alright TFL, I have no shame, I love laughing at myself. This is one of my favorite most ridiculous photos! Carlos your beard is fantastic also. Which made me remember this photo. A couple of years ago at my best friends wedding. Hey it’s a wedding you have a few drinks and you get silly ideas. In honor of Carlos’s beard may I present to you all: that time I had a few drinks at a wedding and “magically” grew some hair on my bald head.

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Hey Dan, you had got pretty nice instant haircut over there mate)
Hello everyone, today i'm wearing this 90's Levi's suede trucker i just got off Vinted. Don't laugh but it's a women jacket in S but as everything was baggy in the 90's, this fits pretty much like a men S but sits higher on the waist like a 50/60s jacket which i really like.

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Nothing to laugh about. It fits you great, exactly like a Type-3 should IMO, it's a men's style to begin with so only measurements can possibly make it a women's jacket and my favorite shearling yellow trucker that I wear all the time is also a women's model and so far no other jacket I got has gotten me more compliments (except for maybe Lee).

Tho I'd probably rather wear that Stormtrooper armor than any Type-3...

View attachment 280345 View attachment 280346 Looking at old castle ruins in my old goatskin jacket.

Did you make sure to check the cuffs? XD

Cool setting, cool jacket.


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Speaking of cross zip...I just got word from Aero that my order for a J-106 is going into actual production. I was worried that they would not be able to make it, as I am bigger than the largest base size they offer. The folks at Aero are great, they are doing a custom size up pattern for me. I am super excited and I cant wait. However, this means that I have to get rid of a jacket (to keep a happy home life, I agreed that if a jacket comes in, one must go)...so therefore I will need to sell one of my cross zips. I narrowed it down to one of my three Schott Perfectos, which one do you think I should purge? All three fit about the same (the 118 is a size 52, the 618’s are both 54’s). The 118 is about 7 years old, and is especially thick and nice and has not been worn only a few times. The 618 in horsehide is beautiful, and about 5 yers old, and a bit more worn but needs to be completely broken in as well. When i first bought it I was a bit disappointed as it was thinner and more lightweight that I was expecting, but it is still very cool and is developing nicely. The last jacket is my new 618 in brown steerhide. I got this during the beginning of the pandemic when Schott had their 25% off sale. It is again thinner and lighter than i expected, the brown is not the deep near black brown i had hoped, and I don’t really care for the finish and appearance of the steer (at least in unbroken in looks). On the upside it is nice and creaky (as is the horsehide), something I am very fond of. My thought is to purge the steerhide, but what do you guys think? I have to get rid of one, as i am at seven jackets and I also just ordered a new Dainese Adria race suit...so I don’t want to end up in the doghouse!


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Seb Lucas

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Got me a US Border Patrol goatskin bomber for US $80 in near mint condition. What I like about it (along with the price) is it's an actual issued working jacket not just a wardrobe queen repop. It has a G1 style back. A 42 fits me well - 26 inch back; 26 inch sleeves; 19 inch shoulders; 23 inch pit to pit. The goat is very nice.

Boader patrol.jpg
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