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What's For Breakfast...


I'll Lock Up
Chicago, IL US
Starbucks java and the Chicago Sun Times; just reading the Cubs obituary notices penned
with love from all the locker room denizens, riff raff, scribblers, scum, and sport sages indigenous to
the friendly and not so friendly confines of Wrigley Field and points beyond.
All that's left for the scribblers is to count the skulls rolled in the sawdust tagged with their usual opine.
Joe Maddon is a goner. The last two losses to the Pirates sealed his fate if it wasn't already sealed.
Theo however might be inclined to show mercy. Perhaps. But by any reckoning Maddon cannot be blamed
to any reasonable standard for this season or earlier years since sweet sixteen. Unfortunately for Joe,
his managerial style of meddling during the Series came very close to costing Chicago the whole enchilada.
God came to the rescue though and caused it to rain on Cleveland just long enough for Heyward to deliver
his now infamous sermon-off-the-mound-inside-the-dugout, and the guys came out to kick ass.
Still, Maddon's bar rep took a hit. And it's the bar rep that counts in this town and Joseph has been
considered suspect ever since. So, all in all the game ends in a managerial style draw.
Theo wins the hand and cards will be dealt for Joe in San Diego, Philly, or elsewhere.
Damn good hand played all things considered.:)


Call Me a Cab
The Emerald City
I've been teaching Lily to cook while we are self-quarantining. Yesterday's lesson was blueberry scones that we enjoyed for breakfast.

We talked about the science of baking: why our measurements need to be exact, order to mix ingredients, why we sift, the importance of not touching the butter with our warm hands, how to use a pastry cutter and bench scraper, the art of lining the cookie sheet with parchment, and how to tell when they are done baking.

Not the prettiest, but she loved helping out!

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