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    Eat breakfast like a king. https://blog.p.lodz.pl/en/analysis/eat-breakfast-king-lunch-prince-and-dinner-pauper

    Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, in the throes of the daily grind, we tend to forget about it. Oftentimes, we simply skip it. Typical excuses we give ourselves include: I got up too late; I wasn't really that hungry; It was too early to eat.

    Everything we eat and drink in the morning has an impact on our activeness, alertness, and concentration throughout the day. The morning meal is regarded by dietitians as the most important one for your health and proper functioning of your body, which is why you should not be skipping it. Breakfast helps you maintain stable insulin levels and at the same time, reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity. What's more, it provides you with energy for the day, which improves brain functioning and general well-being.

    My breakfast meal is porridge more often than not. It's not what you might say delicious, but with a little crème fraîche , it's just about ok. The nutritional value is amazing, the slow release of the energy, often allows me to go for six or seven hours before feeling any sense of hunger and by then I usually top up with fresh fruit. That will see me through until my evening meal.

    As for breakfast like a king, some do go to extremes.


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