What's for Dinner?

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by Rosie, May 31, 2006.

  1. Gregg Axley

    Gregg Axley I'll Lock Up

    I'll say.
    Reheating the beef and chicken taco meat tomorrow night, for the second round.
    Also marinating beef pieces tonight, to use for Fajitas in case the other meat doesn't go far enough.
    Gotta be prepared. :)

    Love the hot sauce James, nice touch. :eusa_clap
  2. It was only about three ounces per taco. And then I added more on the ends between bites. :p
  3. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I'd go there for the sight-seeing ONLY..
    Loving the irony:



    How does Mrs. HoosierDaddy prepare Homemade tacos?

    EVERYTHING can have oatmeal in it.


    You better believe it: IT'S TACO OATMEAL! :D
  4. Stray Cat
    Mrs. HD does them something like this..
    Soft Taco shell..Hamburger with Taco seasoning mix...lettuce..shredded cheese(Colby&Monterey Jack)..diced tomatoes...Ortega Taco Sauce(love it!)..and sometimes sour cream.
  5. LocktownDog

    LocktownDog Call Me a Cab

    Northern Nevada
  6. Shangas

    Shangas I'll Lock Up

    Melbourne, Australia
    I've eaten black pudding on occasion. it's not bad. I mean, it's edible and even tasty if you like that stuff. But I fail to see what makes it so famous.

    Tonight's dinner...if you can call it dinner...was a meatball and mustard sandwich.

    ...yeah, I was using up leftovers.
  7. dnjan

    dnjan One Too Many

    I assume that a purist like yourself makes the shells as well. Soft-shell or hardshell?

    Keeping with the taco theme, last night I diced the onions and cut up the cilantro to make the salsa that will be served with Friday night's tacos (also home-made, with soft shells from masa harina)
  8. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Cheese on the side... pass the plate. :D

    Yes, yes, YES!

    Too bad I don't like cooked pig's blood... I LOVE IT! :D
    ([size=-1]Yes, I fail to digest dairy, but I do just fine with blood sausages, black puddings..[/size]) :thumb:
  9. Pigs blood..er no thank you.
  10. fortworthgal

    fortworthgal Call Me a Cab

    Panther City
    No idea there was a theme going, but last night was homemade ('cept for the storebought shells & tortillas) ground chicken tacos. Probably leftovers of the same for this evening's dinner as well.
  11. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    It's a heritage-thing. I'm a granddaughter of a butcher.. it's the food I grew up on.
    Does it taste odd? Yes, it does.
    Does it look NASTY? Of course!
    ...but I adore it. (strange people) [huh]
  12. Soft shell with some smoked Monterey Jack cheese that my friend smoked. I grated it. :D
  13. Blood pudding---not so much. Morcilla yes!
  14. You ain't never tasted it---obviously. :p
  15. During my younger years(living on a farm) my StepDad fixed brains and scrambled eggs. He absolutely loved them. Of course we all had to eat it. After I grew older and escaped..no more for HD! I shudder at the thought...
  16. Oh geez! Brains are a whole different story. That is nasty.
  17. Gregg Axley

    Gregg Axley I'll Lock Up

    Daddy said I have the brains in the family, but since you have them on your plate, apparently you do.:D
    It's a cultural thing, I understand that. Never tried it and probably never will, but I get it.

    Leftover tacos tonight, beef and cheese.
    Tomorrow night it's fajitas, using some meat I had for stew that I never used. So it's been seasoned, and I'll pressure cook it for 25-30 minutes to make it nice and tender, with onions and bell peppers.
    That's it, Saturday night has got to be something other than Mexican, because I've eaten that cuisine all week.
  18. I had all you can eat ribs tonight. I suppose I should because it was that once a year thing. They even gave me free ice cream. :p
  19. Lasagna from Fresh and Easy
  20. AtomicEraTom


    Portage, Wis.
    Mom's homemade spaghetti.

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