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What's the best modern electric tool you use for your vintage hair styles.

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by tuppence, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. tuppence

    tuppence Practically Family

    Hellbourne Australia
    I've got a gift voucher for a beauty store, but all the curling irons, curl and wave makers are confusing.
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  2. EvaS

    EvaS New in Town

  3. alexalex

    alexalex New in Town

    Vintage hairstyles often require from me the use ofcurling irons and straightening irons. I often create vintage waves with Steam Flat Irons . With just a few twists and turns, I can create a cool retro look
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  4. Annie B

    Annie B New in Town

    It's not electric but I just bought myself a Denman brush from Sally's. I'd heard it was the bee's knees for wet sets and it's pretty fantastic. Works well on tangly children's hair as well.
    I've been thinking I need to get a curling iron with a narrower barrel (1/2 in? 1/4in?)for those nape-of-the-neck hairs that so often fall out of pin curls and sponge rollers overnight or get squished flat when I don't feel like re-rolling the second night of a set.
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  5. slythwolf

    slythwolf New in Town

    The only electric things I use when doing my hair, and this is a stretch, are the lights and the water heater.

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