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Which denim should i get 14 oz or 220z


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Nah, you're right. Just that a few years back, nearly all of the makers who picked up the jean jacket, tried to make a big deal out of the fact that they're not making a Type-3 but instead a completely different jacket which in actuality was just a jean jacket that was just missing one pocket and I was just annoyed with it, is all. But yeah, that's on me.

Levi's made sooo many different Type-3's that I believe they've covered just about any cut there is so I still firmly believe they've got everyone covered. I've tried so many different high-end truckers while in London and each was really great because of the inherently fantastic design of the style but I failed to see the benefits of paying more.

The scaly Kapital (I think?) was fun and something different but I swear their J-101 was just a re-tagged Lee. Even the Carol Christian Poell over-dyed trucker was somewhat disappointing although the fabric was interesting.

Guy working in Son of Stag was really impressed with my 1970's Dickies, mistaking it for another brand though I forgot which. . .
Yes, there are many type 3s from traditional V shaped to elongated or straight or oversize. The modified cut just seems odd to me much like the FCL jackets.

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And I really like a 21-25oz in Jeans....

The thing is.. I have just read the entire thread and given 'Like' to 96% of the posts...

Jean jackets are a bit like ..well jeans.....Some folk look good in skinny, some in straight and (only one person) in Bell bottoms.

Cuts and weaves and weights are a matter of taste and your own personal style (and if you buy IH, Kapitol etc. the size of your wallet needs to be considered).

Do what feels good for you, and, be forever in blue (black, white, yellow...) Jeans. ('babe')
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For a pretty basic design, they do fit very different brand by brand. I always try and get the fit right first, then worry about upgrading the materials, construction, etc. There's no right or wrong answer. Too many variables to plot out. I've got 10 oz in my closet and I got 21 oz. If you forced me to pick only one, I'd probably pick the 21 mostly because I like the cut and pattern and details. The lighter ones are probably more versatile, but for me, I'd rather wear a 10 or 12 oz denim shirt for the look.
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For me a denim jacket is a semi-disposable piece of outerwear. By their nature they are to be worn hard, and in doing so they deteriorate visibly, and much faster than leather or man made fibres.

Oh course I understand that people can spend their money how they want, and there will always be someone willing to sell a version at whatever price point is set by the spare cash you have burning a hole in your pocket. But in my head a denim trucker costs no more than £100, at the absolute maximum.

I've had a well-made, good-looking example in Japanese Kaihara selvedge from Gap that fit brilliantly and cost £80.

If I wanted something a bit more Heddels, I'd get the lighter of these two:

Edit to add; although since Trussonomics utterly tanked the Pound, the Unbrandeds are now too expensive for me. Thanks Liz!

Edit 2; spellings
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