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WTB: Fedora Lounge Starter Set

Guardian Enzo

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Kobe, Japan
Hello, all. I'm pretty new here as you can see. I'm a lifelong hat lover, but just now starting to want to graduate to the quality stuff. As it happens I'm also currently limited in my financial wherewithal, and living in Tokyo where half the Ebayers won't ship at all, and most of the rest charge an arm and a leg.

So... I'm hoping my needs will coincide with yours, if you have anything you're looking to sell. I'm a 59, but can sometimes work with a 58 or even a 60. What I'm looking for especially would be the following - I suspect they'd all be from the low end of your collections:

1. An OR or clone or Stratoliner. Yeah, I know, good luck - but maybe one of you has one that's less than perfect you'd be willing to move. Ideally vintage, unless it's a Campdraft.

2. A good "everyday fedora" - something of good quality and versatility, if nothing fancy . Again really hoping for 50s or earlier here. Anything but black is a possibility.

3. I have a particular love for Panamas, so anything that's not obscenely expensive would be of interest.

Thanks for looking!

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