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Akubra Hats

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Kangfish, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. johnnycanuck

    johnnycanuck One Too Many

    Love the red in that hat band. looks great.
    Must be an old Snowy River if it has the thin ribbon on it. I know what you mean with the Akubra Logo. I remember when I got mine. I was a little put off by that, but I got over it. That was around 15 years ago now. Man yours must be REALLY old. ;):p
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  2. Sorta gettin anxious trying to figure that out...
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  3. Ken David

    Ken David One of the Regulars

    I just got my bluegrass green Campdraft that I ordered Tues night from everythingaustralian after getting outbid on one on ebay (sold for $15 less than new). It arrived Saturday just in time for a father's day gift from my kids. After reading about sizing I originally was going to order a 59cm but they were out of stock (I wear between a 7 1/4 and 7 3/8), glad I ended up with the 58cm, it appears to be a good fit and is ready to be worn after a quick diamond bash. However the felt is like cardboard, my modern strat royal deluxe is like vintage felt in comparison but for what it is and the price I can't complain (at least it fits) color is unique and will definitely see some head time and look forward in seeing how it wears in the rain if needed.
  4. Willebe

    Willebe A-List Customer

    Congratulations on the Campdraft , and happy father's day.

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  5. FedOregon

    FedOregon I'll Lock Up

    Happy Fathers Day!

    I highlighted the part above as this was my first impression of my Coober Pedy upon opening my delivery from Oz. It does grow on you, and it does handle the rain with aplomb. My Akubra was the lighter Sand felt, and throughout a couple rainy walks it got a little wet... even a friend at the office said, "oh, that's gonna stain." Nope, it bounced back 100%. I have no doubt your BGCD will do great as well.
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  6. Fed in a Fedora

    Fed in a Fedora Practically Family

    Very nice hat! That is one of my favorites.

    I hope that you own a stretcher, retainer or block because I am afraid that you will be needing it in short order. These Akubras do shrink when damp.

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  7. All 4 of mine did.
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  8. Ken David

    Ken David One of the Regulars

    Thanks for the heads up. I di not own a stretcher, retainer or any hat bands or blocks. I have been meaning to make a few hat bands out of wood but have not had a chance to pick up some wood....been looking for a 12" log something with a decent grain to cut on the table saw into a couple inch slices and then finish it on the band saw and sander but may have to do this sooner than later.
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  9. PHIL1959

    PHIL1959 One of the Regulars

    just an update, I had to chase EA up for the refund! i explained the problem with the hat's size. no direct response. apart from this email,

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for the email.
    The easiest way to prevent a hat from shrinking and making it larger, is with the Hat Stretcher.
    Please follow the link below:
    Let me know if I can help with anything else.
    Kind Regards,
    Tim Martin
    Everything Australian
    I want a hat that fits, not one I have to stretch to fit!
    my 2 stylemasters bought from them, and my fed bought from the hattery fit straight out of the box.-there was a sizing issue with this hat,as it was smaller than all the others i own!
    im £25 out of pocket with postage, don't think i'll buy from EA again.
  10. to add insult to injury, if you follow the link he sent, they are sold out of hat stretchers in your size (-:
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  11. Obsessed

    Obsessed One of the Regulars

    What happened to Sam? It seems like Tim Martin has taken over the communications end of the business.
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  12. Willebe

    Willebe A-List Customer

    That sucks. Shouldn't have to chase for a refund if the sizing is off. A little big is one thing, but too small is another. Can't skin the head to make it fit. How much stretching can a hat stretcher do without jacking up the look of the hat and sweat?

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  13. homesicksteve

    homesicksteve New in Town

    I had the same problem. Chasing didn't work either. I had to raise a PayPal dispute...
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  14. First I've heard of an EA complaint. Last dealings I had with them Tim took care of me (replacement wind trolley) and all was great.

    Hope this doesn't portend of bad things...
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  15. DocCasualty

    DocCasualty One of the Regulars


    Somehow I completely missed your post, sorry for the late reply.

    I bought it on eBay as a never worn hat. As I recall, the woman bought it for her husband but he didn't like it or it didn't fit, so it sat in a zippered bag for some time until she decided to sell it. That was probably at least ten years ago and I have no idea how long they owned it. It wasn't until recently that I was looking at Akubras that I realized the current SRs has the braided hat band they do.

    Anyway, I got a great deal on a new hat and just recently started wearing it again more regularly, have reshaped it more to my liking and with the new hat band, have another "new" hat!
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  16. Mar Kc

    Mar Kc New in Town

    Thanks all for the input!

    By way of update, I ordered:
    - fed 4 in moonstone,
    - campdraft in the cedar brown,
    - stylemaster in bluegrass green...

    I'm hoping these hats will work for weather between 0 celsius to 40 celsius... I don't own straws but I hope I don't get enticed to splurge on straws...
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  17. Willebe

    Willebe A-List Customer

    The straw enticement will be upon you shortly...resistance is futile.

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  18. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

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  19. johnnycanuck

    johnnycanuck One Too Many

    About ten years ago that was the best and cheapest way to get an Akubra. People would buy them on vacation, wear them a few times, and when they got home they would throw them into the closet - forgotten. Years later they would be dug out and sold for cheap on Ebay. I have a great Akubra Cattleman I got ten years ago for $50 Canadian shipped. Unfortunately prices seem to be going up and up so thoes days are gone unless you get lucky.
    Wear it in good health.
  20. tropicalbob

    tropicalbob My Mail is Forwarded Here

    The above comments are certainly interesting. Of my five Akubras, by far the softest is my first, a BGCD, the only one I got from EA, the others all ordered from HatsDirect. All of them came in my size but were a bit large when I got them: after a few months of wear they then all shrank down to exact fits. I hope this hasn't changed, as I gave them a lot of credit for their expertise. BTW, in my experience rainwater is good for the hats, as it softens them up.

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