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Autumnal Thoughts........

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by flat-top, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. flat-top

    flat-top My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Well, it's 98 brutal degrees here in NY today, and we're supposedly getting more of the same tomorrow. This type of weather always gets me thinking about(and longing for) FALL! I love the fall for so many reasons: The foliage (obviously), the first chilly nights and crisp mornings. Being able to wear my "good"(read: wool/ gab) clothes! Getting home from work at 5:30 and it's already dark. New fall TV shows. Halloween! Oh I can go on forever!
    Anyone else feel the same way?
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  2. I would be happy to live in a place with an extra fall, heavy winter and no summer.

    All I know is such a utopia does not exist within the borders of the Lone Star State.
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  3. Brad Bowers

    Brad Bowers I'll Lock Up

    flat-top, Fall is my favorite season. The cool weather and breaking out my tweed coats. Warm mead mulled in spices, football games on TV, the end of my seasonal allergies! Waiting for first frost.

    Like you, there's no end of things to like about Fall. Summer, I'd be glad to get rid of it altogether. There's nothing I like about summer. I hate heat, and I'm not an outdoorsy person, can't stand going to the beach, the lake, or any large body of water. Nah, nothing redeeming about Summer for me.

    Give me Autumn!
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  4. flat-top

    flat-top My Mail is Forwarded Here

    You said it Brad! The fact that I HATE outdoor summer activities only amplifies my love of cold weather! It's too bad you west coasters and southerners don't really experience the awesome change of seasons! And I know this sounds crazy, but I feel so much more "golden era" in the fall and winter!
  5. I lived in Canada for two years. I'm done with the snow brother! Also, snow and salty roads are murder on old cars! So, nuts to that!

    I like the dry heat and not the sopping wet, energy soaking humidity! YUCK!

    Give me a nice moderate year! No 100oF weather thanks. I love summer nights here in California! It's nice and cool at night and perfect for a nice night time drive. Smelling all the blossoms on the trees and such! Oh it's just wonderful.

    But, when winter starts to come I love it! No snow, just temps of 65 in the day and 35 to 45 at night. Perfect!

    I don't feel sorry at all for that weather!

  6. I'm with you Vladimir!
  7. You snow bunnies are kidding right?
    You want cold and dreary days with leafless trees? Nights so cold you can't take a walk? Mornings so cold you can't start the car? Plants that look like they are dead?
    Now way. Not me. I want to be able to wear my spectators, Palm Beach suit, bucks, light weight felts, straw hats. I want to be able to take long walks without freezing to death. I want to admire the flowers of spring and summer. Tend my garden. Harvest the fruits of my labor and just plain sit on the deck with my pipe, an old fashioned and a good book until the sun goes down and then just stop reading.
    I want to ride in my classic cars with the windows down and the breeze blowing through my hair. I want to walk barefoot on the sidewalk after the sun goes down and feel the warmth on my bare feet. Lay on the cool lawn and stare up at the sky---smelling the night blooming Jasmine or blooming Privet trees.
    No way give me the summer and spring. I am not going anywhere where the weather is worse than California. No way. If I wanted to suffer I would move to Alaska or the North Pole. This place is my vacation spot I don't have to go anywhere. People come to me.
    I feel sorry for those with season changes. It is snowing like crazy on Christmas and I have beautiful 65 degree weather. There is a hurricane or flood and I have 65 degree weather. Black ice forms on the roads and I have 65 degree weather. I absolutely HATE snow. Give me the sun anyday. I am here to stay. :cheers1:

    Regards to all,

  8. I'm with you flat-top. I love the fall. Being in the mountains of New Hampshire foliage season is our busiest. No word of a lie...today a tractor trailer load of new snowmobiles drove through town. Autumn can't be very far away.
  9. Prairie Shade

    Prairie Shade A-List Customer

    Global Warming?

    Who was it that said "The coldest winter I every spent was a summer in California," Reagan? Something about laying down beside a rose bush in full bloom and freezing to death. Your strage world frightens and confuses me. Give me the PNW, thats where most of California lives anyway. What are they running from? A little cold, and little hot, pretty soon its time for a change. Endless summer is OK, but there is something about the change of seasons!!!!
  10. California HAS SNOW! We have plenty of snow in the winter! It just snows in the mountains and not in the valleys. So, if you want to ski, you can, if you want to go fishing, you can, if you want to go swimming, you can. It's the everything state! Fall is very beautiful here in most areas of CA. Leaves turn great colors and fall with out old man winter bighting them off. It starts to get cool in October and through January is nice and comfortable. Summer here is nasty hot. But the more north you go, its cooler!

    California is a great state no matter how many people think ill of it.

    I have lived here all my life and when I left Canada, I couldn't wait to get back to CA!


    For those in CA who want a change in seasons, you know no one's holding you here. :p
  11. Spending just one July in Arizona makes one long for colder weather. Not too cold, mind you (shoveling snow and scraping ice is not my idea of a fun time), but reasonable. So, if it weren't for the snow birds I would love Arizona in autumn, winter, and spring! The weather is great but the traffic is dreadful (guess it’s a trade off!) Arizona summers are only bearable in the shorts bursts between air conditioned buildings and cars. It’s no wonder people spend an inordinate amount of time waiting for the front row parking spot ;)
  12. flat-top

    flat-top My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I do enjoy the weather in CA...you guys lucked out with the warm days and cool nights. Here in the north east, the only cool nights are in fall (and winter, duh).Maybe it's the awful NY summers that make the colder weather so much more desirable to me.That, and all the stuff I said in my first post!!
  13. Well I for one love the heat...really. I do most of my work outside and I would rather work in the heat than the freezing cold. Southeast Texas, and the Texas Gulf Coast is hotter'n hell right now. And it ain't dry heat either, try 80 and 90 percent humidity. But I don't really mind it. My wife hates it. She's from New Jersey, where the summers are for the most part mild. I'm originally from Northern VA, and I froze my butt of for too long. Outside jobs in the freezing and below cold are hard.
  14. Ice... snow... 40 below... and wind-chill on top of that... that's the life for me...

    Fall... I love as well... The changing of the leaves... the cooling of the nights... The apple-crispness of the air in general... Harvest-fests... mead... Walking at night becomes enjoyable again...

    Give me a LONG fall.. a LONG winter... 2 weeks of shirt-sleeve-spring... and then send me right back into fall thanks!

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  15. The Mad Hatter

    The Mad Hatter A-List Customer

    Well, I'm getting my fall wardrobe ready. (Hey, I ordered linen suit, pants, and shirts last winter. :) )

    I've had myCustomtailors make up three low gorge tweed jackets, in camel, dusty red, and dark olive (knockoffs of a navy blue jacket I already have.) I'm going to wear them with three, three-button tartan vests made by Burnetts-Strut.

    The heating oil people just filled my tank and the sticker shock has caused me seriously to consider reviving the old British custom of keeping my old country house cold and making up for it with tweeds and woolens. (As well as with Army surplus long underwear.) So I'm very much in the market for hacking jackets and pullover sweaters.

    Moleskin is my cloth of choice for fall and winter just as linen is for summer.

    I'm seriously considering getting a covert coat. Business topcoats bore me and I can't find a woolen trenchcoat type coat. Covert coats are intimidatingly different, I think.
  16. Brad Bowers

    Brad Bowers I'll Lock Up

    The one time I really didn't mind Ssummer was the 3 1/2 years I lived in Pacific Grove, CA. With the fog all the time, it stayed nice and cool. And there was nothing like walking up to the Bookworks at night in the fog for a cup of coffee, good fedora and trenchcoat weather!

    I forgot, one of my favorite things in Fall is buying a bushel of fresh-roasted chiles, still warm in the bag, and inhaling their wonderful fragrance that fills up the car on the way home. Aahhh.

  17. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Bring on the Snow

    As my grandmother said, "You can always put more clothes on, but you can only take so much off!"
  18. I think I'm in the Minority here...

    I love my Undershirts, Vintage Alohas loosly slung overtop, with a pair of Cargo shorts and sandals.

    Top it off with a blue-green ocean, a Hammock, a twin mast Sail Cruiser, a lovely lady, and a cool drink.

    Heaven gents.

    Happiest I've ever been was a) in Jordan (Stinking hot, 30 degreesish) or even better, Alice Springs AU, 48 degrees CELCIUS during the day. Granted, a dry heat, and no water, but still really nice. Once your used to it it's lovely.

    But if I had my choice, water would definatley be nearby. And if I was working, A/C is a must (if indoor) or early morning starts (if outdoor). I HATE working in the heat. But for chillin' and doing little....Paradise here I come!

  19. IndianaGuybrush

    IndianaGuybrush One of the Regulars

    My ideal year would be 4 months of fall, 2 months of winter, 4 months of spring, and 2 months of summer. I love the transition seasons. The cool crispness of fall as it blows all that summer muck away. For some reason I always associate fall with hearing my heels click on flagstones, and listening to the rustle of dry leaves as they scrape along the road. Spring is a rejuvinating breath after the austerity of winter. You can feel the strength and vitality surging back into you on that first 65-70 degree day. At the same time I recognize the need for summer and winter. I need a time when I can rest prone on a towel or in a hammock with a good book, a cooler full of icy beers, and a waiting body of water. I also need a time when I can bundle up and feel the wind sting against my cheeks, and when I can take a deep breath of frigid air that feels as if it clears out every speck of dust in my head.

    But by and large I like my weather like I like my conversations... cool and breezy!
  20. Phil_in_CS

    Phil_in_CS Familiar Face

    Global Warming (maybe not)

    Mark Twain, actually. "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco".

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