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Best beauty decision you've made?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by CherryWry, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. CherryWry

    CherryWry One of the Regulars

    What change has had the biggest impact on how you look and feel? New hair cut, color, eyebrow shape...what was it that made you feel prettiest?

    Best thing I ever did was cut thicker bangs. Because I have fine, thin hair I thought thick bangs would make my hair look thinner. The exact opposite was true, it looks like I have much more hair now.
  2. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    Learing how to do vintage hair.

    Before now I always had a Louise Brooks cut because I thought it was the only vintage-style 'do I could have with my thin, straight hair.

    Last summer, though, I just all of a sudden acquired skillz lol I had bought Lauren Rennell's book along with some vintage hairstyling books by Bramcost (let me add they are reprints of vintage originals so I don't get scolded on here again lol ) I began to experiment and just kept at it.

    Then I discovered Lisa Freemont Street on YouTube. That was it. The pincurl was my new best friend as I learned if you pincurl your hair you can do whatever you want with it without it sliding all around, slipping out, and looking sloppy.
  3. AnniePancake

    AnniePancake Practically Family

    cold cream + witch hazel!
  4. KittyT

    KittyT I'll Lock Up

    Quitting smoking.
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  5. Smuterella

    Smuterella One Too Many

    I know it sounds saccharin but the best decision I made was to stop being so bl**dy paranoid about my looks. I used to worry about the size of my breasts, the shape of my nose, my freckles etc etc. Since I stopped worrying about the things I can't change and just accepted them I'm 100% more confident.
  6. Helysoune

    Helysoune One of the Regulars

    The two best decisions I've ever made are learning to dress to please myself, no matter how out of fashion I happen to look and accepting that I'll never be "skinny". As long as my cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure are good and I've got energy to garden, do heavy cleaning, hang laundry out and still have some left over to play with the kids and my mister, then I'm just fine the way I am.
  7. SheBear74

    SheBear74 Practically Family

    Recently it has been to cut my hair exactly how I love it, pixie cut ;)
  8. Discovering youtube makeup tutorials!
  9. Annichen

    Annichen Familiar Face

    Work out almost daily,quit sugar..and never stress.
  10. SugarKitten

    SugarKitten One of the Regulars

    So nice to read a thread about things that are making people happy! (esp since I'm about to strangle my sewing machine!)

    Cutting my hair - I had long, thick auburn hair all the way to my waist. It was great hair. I was the girl with the hair. It totally dominated everything else though, my face, my clothing... so now, I might just be the tall girl with the short hair, but at least people notice I have a face!
  11. bunnyb.gal

    bunnyb.gal Practically Family

    Adopting a vegetarian diet, I would say, and exercising. I can't prove it, but I often have people guesstimating my age at about a decade less than it is, and I feel in my heart that this and keeping the spine and limbs flexible through yoga, Pilates and dance have done the trick for me.

    Otherwise, I'll vote for the red lippy! :)
  12. Miss Peach

    Miss Peach One of the Regulars

    Nevermore shackled by sugar!

    (and Bare Minerals is pretty amazing, too) :p
  13. RockyHorror

    RockyHorror One of the Regulars

    filling in my eyebrows, and realizing that my waist is actually fairly small and embracing that in terms of the clothes I wear. I'd been convinced for years that I had no waist to speak of.
  14. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    I gave up trying to wear short hair.

    I'm pleased to see so many people have kicked the sugar habit.
  15. Kishtu

    Kishtu Practically Family

    Contact lenses rather than wearing prescription lens sunglasses all day every day.

    And reintroducing drama into everyday living
    (as in sartorial drama, Chinese brocade jackets in scarlet kind of thing, not as in soap opera...)

    Physically I guess the best beauty decision I ever made was to fall in love with a man four inches shorter than me - all my six inch spike heels are now retired ;) - and my back feels ten times better for it!
  16. The Shirt

    The Shirt Practically Family

    Hair extensions. I adore them and I don't care if anyone thinks they are silly. I feel like this is what I am supposed to look like.
  17. Ms Sew-n-Sew

    Ms Sew-n-Sew One of the Regulars

    Finding love, giving up smoking, becoming vegan and accepting that I'm not a stick-thin 18 year old any more! And moisturiser with SPF.
  18. Gracie Lee

    Gracie Lee A-List Customer

    The best decision I ever made was to allow myself to please only myself and have the freedom to change my mind. And I've done it a lot :) Every time I change my haircut, or color, or switch from glasses to contacts (and back), wear pretty shoes or wear comfy shoes, it makes me feel just a touch fresher, and that adds a teeny bit of sparkle to my day.

    Oh, and I can't live without my jojoba oil.
  19. Jezebel_Amazon

    Jezebel_Amazon One of the Regulars

    For me.... Accepting that I'll never be short, petite, and dainty. I'm tall and semi-clumsy. Just as long as I keep my posture in line then I can fool others into thinking I'm statuesque.... hahaha.

    Also filling in my brows, lip liner, and bendy perm rods... *tears up* I'd be no where without you! <3
  20. Best beauty decision

    Was like below accepting who I am and all it's glory but switching to mostly green and organic skincare. I have even started due in part to suggestions in this forum to make m own skincare products!

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