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Favorite Uniforms

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Vintage lover, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. simonc

    simonc Practically Family

    Has anyone mentioned German Fighter Pilots in both WW's?
  2. Early East German

  3. Jackanapes

    Jackanapes New in Town

    Why is it that the meanest sons of b*tches are always the best dressed? Here's a rogue's gallery (from an American perspective)...

  4. Fiona

    Fiona New in Town

    Germans really seem to have the most badass uniforms, especially during WWII.
  5. McGeezer

    McGeezer Familiar Face

    That uniform is Navy (post #34). You can tell because the tie is black. IIRC the Marines wear a Khaki tie, but the uniform is pretty much the same. I believe they are called Aviation Working Greens and are worn with brown shoes...which when I was in was restricted to Naval Aviation (which gave rise to the "Brown show" vs. "Black Shoe" rivalry...aviation vs. surface).
    I always thought that next to the "choker" whites it was the sharpest uniform.
  6. stu48

    stu48 New in Town

    how about the household calvary blues and royals i love there uniform really smart and the 21st lancers at the time of the crimean war
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  7. Definitely so; very dashing.
  8. Story

    Story I'll Lock Up

    You, of all people, are going to let that spelling mistake slide? :D
  9. stu48

    stu48 New in Town

    oops:eusa_doh: and corrected sir:)
  10. LT Barney Greenwald.jpg
    I used to assume that, too. But then I noticed the sleeve braids on the green uniform when watching a rerun of The Caine Mutiny and the scene where Greenwald actually wears the USN Navy blue uniform.
  11. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up

    here official name is, Aviation Working Green Uniform. They were worn from 1920 to 22011, though not many wore them since WWII. They were never a required uniform, always optional.
  12. Many in the surface fleet derogatorily called that the uniform of the "brown shoe navy".
  13. Yeah, I did let "calvary" slide (as well as "there"), but I figured it was his post...
  14. Treetopflyer

    Treetopflyer Practically Family

    Yep, the Navy got rid of them. I know quite a few guys in the squadrons I have been in that own them and were upset that they are no longer “legal” to wear. There was a big push to get them reinstated, but with all the uniform issues the Navy has been having of late, it kind of petered out.
  15. Thanks for posting this. What was the phase out date?
  16. McGeezer

    McGeezer Familiar Face

    Loved that uniform. When I got my wings it was the first uniform I bought.
    Also, everything Aviation was "brown shoe" because we could wear brown shoes with many of the uniforms that surface guys wore with black shoes. Classic Navy rivalry.
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  17. "Don't want to be a 'shoe!"
  18. Treetopflyer

    Treetopflyer Practically Family

    Won't be long and we won't even have brown shoes anymore. The only uniform that we can wear brown shoes with, other than our flight suits with brown boots, is our Khakis. Those are getting rare to see in the fleet these days. The Navy Working Uniform (NWU) has taken over. They are commonly referred to as aquaflage. I can honestly say that I absolutely hate the NWU uniform.
  19. Is the USN still so hardover about not wearing flight suits routinely off base? Back in the 1990s I was being given a tour of an Naval Aviation operation and offered to take our guide into town with us and buy him lunch. He said he was unable as was currently in flight suit (obvious to us) but that he had a meeting to get back to after lunch and wouldn't have time to change into khakis for town, lunch and get back in time.

    I remember when servicepeople traveled either in uniform or "business casual" type civvies. Man, I wander through airports anymore and I see USAF, army etc folks - large groups of them - looking like they've just been plucked up out of the sand in their desert cammies and sand boots. I can see that from a comfort level, it's just I'm used to the old days when they traveled in more formal dress so it's noticeable. About the only time I see servicepeople in any kind of Class A's, crackerjacks or even class B's anymore in terminals is when they're coming fresh from basic.
  20. Treetopflyer

    Treetopflyer Practically Family

    We are allowed to wear our flight suits out in town now, as of about a year and a half ago. The Navy still has the policy of wearing a dress uniform while traveling commercially. The Marines have the same policy. The Army and Air Force are able to wear their working uniform when they travel. Which I do not agree with. I am sure it won't be long before the Navy adopts that policy. It basically come down to "The Army does it, why can't we?"

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