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I recruited one.

Discussion in 'Hats' started by fmw, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. fmw

    fmw One Too Many

    I went yesterday to the Men's Wearhouse to pick up a suit that was ready from alterations. When I walked in the door wearing my new Stetson Whippet, one of the customers said to his wife "look, honey, a hat from the 40's. I wish I could buy a hat like that." I said "You can." He had and I-whatchamagiggie and, while the saleman watched patiently, we found the number to the Hatco outlet. He called on his cell phone. They had his size and he ordered it. Then the salesman went back to work and I went to check the fit of the new suit. A new fedora owner (he takes a bow. :))
  2. It is a neat thing when people come up to inquire about fedoras and you can send them in the right direction.
  3. Yep even in my short time wearing mine I have had a couple of people ask me about them and where they can buy them. That is after I explain to them that you don't have to be a pimp to wear a fedora lol
  4. Brando11

    Brando11 A-List Customer

    Good for you, fmw. If that guy at Men's Wearhouse was a 7 1/2, by the way, he was a just toss of the coin away from missing out on that hat. I called Hatco on Tuesday ready to buy either a Whippet or Nosatlgia and picked the Nostalgia (which I love.)

    That's it in my new avatar.
  5. Good for you fmw, keep up the good work!
  6. At least he wasn't underage. lol
  7. zetwal

    zetwal I'll Lock Up

    Ordered it right there on his cell phone?! That's really amazing. Stetson should put you on their payroll and let you run! ;)
  8. I've had a few big talkers - people coming up saying they want to get one and asking where. I've never seen any follow through. I think it's the price.
  9. danofarlington

    danofarlington My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Copying! The ultimate accoldade.
  10. Seems like there is a WV fixation on pimps going on!
  11. fmw

    fmw One Too Many

    That does bring up another point. why do the Ebay marketers of hats think calling them pimp hats or gangster hats will improve sales? It boggles the mind.
  12. That's cool, FMW. I have gotten a few others interested in hats, but do not know for sure if they really followed through and found their fedora after seeing mine. The only exception I know of is one of my best friends, who was never a hat owner, but fell in love with one of my flat caps. I and I went to a hat store that very day and he found one for himself. I've seen him wearing it regularly ever since.
  13. As an appeal to the youth market that revere Rap music and the sub-genres which celebrate ghetto behavior.
  14. fmw

    fmw One Too Many

    Ah. The older we get, the more we lose touch with the younger generations.
  15. I worn my porkpie hat out to dinner at O'Charley's Friday night and had people come up to me and said that they loved my hat and it was a simple Sinatra one too. I think it is so shocking for people to see something other than a baseball cap on a Man that it makes them stop and look. One teenage girl walked across the resturant to say that she loved my hat. This always makes it easier to purchase other hats as my wife likes the hat look over me wearing one of my baseball caps.
  16. You also, as a sub-reason, have to keep in mind that you need to use as many descriptive words as possible to reach the biggest ebay audiences. Thus, we see words that look inappropriate to us, er, 'mature' folk.;)
  17. I swear to you John the first day I wore my fedora to work I had three kids and a parent ask me why I wore a pimp hat!
  18. I've got to admit, I originally considered buying a fedora to achieve that gangster look. I'm a huge fan of The Godfather series, and more nominally, the gangster/crime genre as a whole. Now obviously, I know enough about fedora hats that they are beyond just "gangster," "detective," or... "pimp" associations.
  19. It's amazing the level of ignorance parents display anymore when they think that only a pimp is supposed to wear a brimmed hat. Do they still live in the 70's? I suppose they believe everything they see on TV, and if that is the extent of their cultural education, Lord help us all.
    I suppose I can understand it if they think of the the old gangsters and detectives from back in the day, but again that was the movies.


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  20. [​IMG]

    Did someone mention the 70's?

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