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Reproduction classic workwear

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Matt Deckard, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. Just got a pair of wide legged jeans and thought I would show them off. I was going for the depression era.

    The beard is coming in very patchy, I should shave it, though I'm going to give it another week.

    funny thing is I have alot of red hairs in the beard and none on the top of my head.

    Jeans are still fresh looking, though with some break in they will look great. What do you think?

    Ruffian circa 1937
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  2. Matt-
    Vintage jeans and an A-2 is kool!
    And I don't mean a pair of dept. store no-names and a mall jacket.
    I'm a big vintage jeans wearer- denim was common workwear in the '30-'40s and sporty leather jackets were getting popular then too.
    I lot of the guys over on the Flight Jacket forums are getting into "vintage Levis" now, as something "period" and proper to wear with their nice jackets. No more pleat front khakis please. Do you know about Levis repro "vintage" offerings?
    1900, '20s, '30s, '40s, '50s models.- kool.
    -Belly. PS, were you drunk for that pic?
  3. Not drunk Just really really tired.

    The only vintage repro Jeans I have seen from Levi's are on Japanese and european websites.

    I don't think they made the 30's repros for the US market. I heard they were top notch... the descriptions I have read even said they put in the old NRA tag and left off the red tab.

    501xx is what they went by from what I could tell.

    If you know more, tell me.
  4. Hi Matt. Unfortunately, Levis' web sites suck big and are just too annoying to be bothered using- so check out Aero Leather Clothing in Scotland...


    ...they sell a range of vintage Levis, Lee, etc., alongside their other vintage style leather jackets and more.
    You get some good descriptions there.
    Levis "vintage" used to be made in Japan, as Lee still are- but now Levis produce their "Vintage" Stateside. I have repros from 1900, 1920, 1929, 1937, 1944 and 1947 in various models- 501, 201, 702- all made from period-correct denim with selvedge fabric edge in the leg outseam.
    Not your(not your your) Mall 501 style denim. All the other details are correct too. My 1920s 201s have gotta be the roomiest legged jeans I have. REpro '40s military trousers are nice and wide in the leg too and look good with an A-2 or similar period USN flight jacket. WW2 USN "Dungarees" (jeans) are really roomy too and so kool. One of my koolest pair of trou is Australian Army, post war but really high waisted, wide waistband, wide, long leg and hip adjusters. Although they ARE olive green... People are as fanatical about the "right" vintage denim as they are about anything else...
  5. Do they still make the 1933 repros?

    Where can I buy them in the States?
  6. Try this- this is the US site, which is nightmarish-

    ...you need to click in the grey button at the bottom "Other Levis Sites and choose the Vintage one- it wouldn't work for me."

    ...the European site is here... also a nightmare...


    '33s, yes you can get them. There's always a healthy market for repro vintage Levis on eBay of course- no-brainer there...
    But look at Aero' site. I don't think the '33s are actually so wide legged though.

  7. I called Levi's and got a lot more info on where I can buy them locally

    more info to follow.
  8. Kentucky Blues

    Kentucky Blues A-List Customer

    try going to the us site and type in vintage in the search, click the search button, then choose the jeans...would those be considered vintage work jeans?
  9. Classic workwear

    More of a 30's workwear look.

    The original stuff is worn to death or in Japan.

    Jeans leather jackets and hjeavyweight cotton and leather all around.

    So you want to look old school and not get the good duds messed up right?

    I picked these up off Ebay and just went to Abercrombie and Fitch because they have them on clearance. they are high waisted button fly work pants. All cotton and heavyweight like you'd see on the guys in the old days. The legs are wide and they flyi is long. They are meant to be worn below the waist (yeah like I'm going to do that). Regardless of saying on the pants that they are meant to be worn below the waist, they are higher waisted and a really tough cotton. They worn and come prewashed... thoguh it fits in well with the depression era look... and when you get car grease on them you wont worry.

    Pictured are the ones I got off Ebay. I'm wearing the button fly ones right now. They have the old schol flat felled seams and flap pockets in the back for you guys wanting the details.

    They pair well with my WWII field shoes which are pretty much like Regualr old work boots that they sold from the 1910's to the 60's. http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?t=1558

    Pardon the Ninja shoes

    They Run Huge, so expect to buy 2 sizes too small... I guess they expect you to wear them on your hips.

    Not my best look, though I can get them dirty, and they cost less than repro Levi's
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  10. ufguy11

    ufguy11 One of the Regulars

    They may not be the best, but I like the A & F pants. I got a pair myself, love 'em....although that might be b/c I'm 14.
  11. flat-top

    flat-top My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Matt, is there a style name of these pants? What should I be looking for?
  12. Nick Charles

    Nick Charles Practically Family

    yes do tell, are they still on the Abercrombie site??
  13. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    My grandfathers (b. 1894 and 1900) wore bib overalls as workwear.
  14. flat-top

    flat-top My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I don't wanna hijack Matt's thread, but I picked up a pair of these tonight. $30! They are called "Regulation Officer Trousers". The reason they run so large is because there is a drawstring inside the waistband (which I just removed!).
    Thanks for the tip off Matt!
  15. No hijacking... They look goo, and if you find them at a good price pick them up.

    Overall and coveralls and Denim has always been work wears workhorse... I'm more of a fan of the tough yellowy orange cotton trousers with the full legs than the fore mentioned attire.
  16. Kodiak

    Kodiak A-List Customer

    Any chance you have a link to those trousers Matt? And what about the jacket (which is very nice)?
  17. I'm not that big of a fan of the inner flap with the button fly, so I suggest cutting it out. I'm also a big fan of just the work shirts from the era. they had the highlt curved long collars like the dress shirts. I have a couple and will need to show pics.
  18. My working garb...

    Great look Matt, especially the cap and A-2.

    This is what I was wearing the other week when I had to take my bus to be inspected -


    I didn't go out of my way to look vintage, the boots are Doc M's, check shirt from a Gap sale, hand me down jeans, and my favourite 8 panel cap. I'm not wearing it in the picture but I had a beat up old M41 as well.
  19. The gap shirt pretty cool. I know a few peple who get their jeans from Old Navy, as well as stripey shirts which fit the work bill fine.
  20. Nick Charles

    Nick Charles Practically Family

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