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Show us what you've made!

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Lady Day, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I know there is the at home repo thread, but I figure purchaces have their own thread, why not what we make?

    Anything from hair accessories, to purses, to jewlery to the fab clothes we like so much. What was your favorite make? Got stuff in the works? Tips for anyone?

    I just bought some supercute cotton fabric and Im gonna make a dress. YaY! Ill show stuff soon.
    Later ladies,

  2. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    I just made a bustle but it's not Golden Era :D
  3. AllaboutEve

    AllaboutEve Practically Family

    I'm sure that's allowed, I love to see things that people make! I think the fact that it's home made qualifies it as people had to make a lot more of their own clothes then!!
    Please can we see a pic?
  4. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    Ok. :eek:
  5. AllaboutEve

    AllaboutEve Practically Family

    Wow! you made that!
    I imagine its quite a bundle under the sewing machine needle.
    It's gorgeous, when will you wear it?
  6. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    Thank you! Yeah, I made it with Truly Victorian's pattern 101. It's actually not nearly as hard as it looks! The ruffles are all sewn on an overlay.

    I'm wearing a bustle gown to Costume College next month. I'll post pics when the dress is all finished :)
  7. artdecodame

    artdecodame One of the Regulars

    Super pretty, Lauren!! ;)
  8. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    This is what Im working on now.

    I hope to have it done some time tomorrow. Im gonna change the neckline and give it a boat neck. Oh, and PIPING! :D I loves some piping! Yay piping!


    Oh did I mention I love piping?

  9. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Its finished!!! :D


  10. VintageJess

    VintageJess One of the Regulars


    Absolutely adorable!! :eusa_clap
  11. Oooooh, nice one LD! That belt is especially nifty!
  12. That is so cute Lady Day!
  13. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    Awww! So cute! I love it!
  14. :eusa_clap It turned out so well. That belt is cute.
  15. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Thanks all :D

    It was a challenge geting the neckline to lay flat. The back buttons up, for some reason I dont like zippers all that much.

    The trim is really a dark dark blue and looks so perfect with the fabric.
    Im starting another dress hopefully today, not nearly as complicated as the frills I put on this one :)

    Ill keep you posted.

    Where is all your stuff?!

  16. colleency

    colleency One of the Regulars

    Lady Day, Very cute!

    I'm working on an Erte from the 20s, and I keep messing it up! If it's not done in time for Costume College, I fear I will put it in the closet, unfinished, forever!
  17. Lauren, could you post a picture of the logo I made for you? Gosh, I realized I never even took a picture of it.
  18. Lady Day I LOVE it!!! I saw so cute vintage-like fabrics today!!! I can´t wait to start my sewing-classes and than I gonna buy it ALL and start making pretty dresses, too!

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