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Show us your SHOES !!!

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Veronica Parra, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. tropicalbob

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    Cheers to you and all the best. You might want to think about engineer boots: look at the prices Role Club is getting for his creations and repairs.
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  2. Michael A

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    Yes, I find them interesting. I found an identical pair on ebay or etsy, forgot to mark it, that were claimed to be 1960s USAF flight boots. I also found quite a few photos of WWII era flight boots that were not completely different, though different in some details. I'm still searching for info sporadically. I will say there are comfortable for sitting around in a cold room.

  3. Ferragamo pebble grain bluchers:


    Far from new and showing their age, but comfortable and good for when the weather is nasty. In profile you can't tell the have a lugged sole which helps if you're dressing them up.

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  4. Those are indeed interesting. I've never seen any quite like them. I wish I could help, but I don't even know where to begin. The leather soles with what otherwise look to be an outdoorsy boot is also odd (to my eye quite different than say a 1000 mile boot with a leather sole). They are in great shape, but I wouldn't know where I would wear them.

    You always turn up interesting pieces.

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  5. Rockin' a pair of AllSaints boots tonight[​IMG]

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  6. rockascout

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  7. Those are very interesting from the technical point of view...... You dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out they were made to endure cold and keep your feet warm during a winter season or a very cold environment...... Many countries military made boots like those for their troops during WWI and WWII........... Anyway.... They were made with the word ENDURANCE in mind.... The clean and very beautiful way they stitched that leather sole to the heavy felt isolating midsole and the insole shows us they wanted them to last for a very long time.... They dont look like being good year welted because the stitch is too far from the edge of the sole and normaly a good year welt is much closer to the edge, so i could bet they are blake constructed and stitched by a Mckay sole stitcher after removing the last.... or manually stitched maybe ...... Anyway, they will last a very long time without the need for a resole. That upper is absolutely PUZZLING!.... The shape of the boot itself is very weird, almost like if they hadnt used a propper set of shoe lasts to shape them...... I guess it is due to some technical considerations i totally ignore.... I consider them interesting like hell, but i dont like their shape (im so vain!)... The upper stitches are very well done too..... Reinforced, Made with care with an emphasis in endurance. They were made to be USEFUL, not FASHIONABLE....... They must have been made for some kind of hard work or for military use..... Anyway.... The fact that the leather sole is not covered by a rubber sole make them a little bit slipperly i think...... And a rubber sole would further isolate the foot from cold..... maybe they are much older than they look.

    I found a pair of US vintage air force flight boots in an ebay listing, made much like yours, but with more leather......


    Maybe yours are flight boots as well...... i would bet they are.

    If you want to see how COLD WEATHER FOOTWEAR is made by a Rusian shoe master by hand, you can see this post here....

    (of course you will understand as much as i did, but images are self explanatory and that video is worth GOLD)......
    As you can see, he uses a heavy felt mid sole like the one you can see in the above posted woolen boots.......
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  8. Michael A

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    First, the video you linked is very cool. I would love to be able to do something like that. They look like super cold weather boots.

    I don't know enough about shoe making to be able the comment on the construction techniques. I think some of the shape issues you are seeing are due to the fact that the boiled wool is quite elastic. I think I have seem the shape tightening up after a few wearings and I might guess that if they were dampened and then worn they would shrink to a better fit to the foot. Though for cold weather gear I think a fairly loose fit is preferable for cold protection.

    I found a couple of other auctions for USAF flight boots with different leather configurations and also one identical to mine that were claimed, without showing proofs, to be WWII jump boots.

    They have proven to be very warm and comfortable to wear. Also lightweight on the feet. For dry winter weather I think they would be a good choice, or for doing the kind of work where you are seated in an unheated environment for long periods of time.

    Another photo of mine,
    [​IMG]DSCN7132 by Michael A2012, on Flickr
    They are lined with a second layer of orange boiled wool and the sole is covered with either a fleece or maybe shearling lamb.

    Thanks for the info,
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  9. For years I had a pair of these for my dress boots that only saw ceremonial duties. Several years ago I switched to low quarters when I took a desk job, but the Corcorans were like old friends. They polish up nice too.
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  10. Brooks Brothers dirty bucks:


    I think most of us have a pair of shoes like this. Even when new they were poorly shaped and just a pair I bought because they were on sale. Now despite the soiling and aged, they are still a pair I wear a lot just because they are so comfortable. The outsoles have worn like iron and they feel better on my feet than when they were new. I know they are getting ratty and my wife has started to give me looks when I wear them. Their retirement date is approaching but I'll miss them.

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  11. Mind if I jump in and play?
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Alden # 8 Chukka Shell

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  12. Bienvenido! Those cleats for ventilation remind me of the 1960 era Vietnam boots which I was fortunate to get a pair of as a teenager for the military cadet unit.
  13. Your Chukka's as a lovely color shell. Appears to be wearing well. Eric -
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  14. Ain't much better than black & white saddles. Nice!
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  15. Thanks, Eric. They are very comfortable and one of my favorites.

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  16. Friday and Saturday morning shoe. Carmina brown calf cap toe boot. Goodyear welt[​IMG][​IMG]
    Saturday night
    Magnanni velvet slipper.

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  17. Anything but my favorites :eek:, but spent most the day cutting firewood. Not fun but needed. :p

    Dec 2017 002.jpg
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  18. Well.... Those Carmina Boots are My Kind of shoe!....... AWESOME!....
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