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Show us your SHOES !!!

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Veronica Parra, Sep 29, 2005.

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    Red Wing Iron Ranger, 1yo

  2. I hate artificial distressing, but quality boots like your Iron Rangers look better with some age and a couple of scuffs. Great boots!
  3. Allen Edmonds Weybridge:


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  4. This is my first post in this forums.... Love the forums and i hope you like my boot oriented posts.
    I only wear boots..... i dont have any low top shoes.... guess im weird.
    Im gonna start with the shoes i design myself .... this is my version of a 9 inch victorian cap toe work boot.....
    I love them, they look awesome too. This are Blake constructed but my new version of this ones will be Goodyear welted as i am learning to do the sole welting by hand.
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  6. Good to have you here JC. This is a nice place to hang out and I hope you like it here.

    Those are indeed some good looking boots, and I'm blown away that
    Your actually making them yourself.

    The Lounge also has some boot threads and I'd encourage you to post your boots there as well as here on the shoe thread.
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  8. Thanks for the warm welcome deadlyhandsome.
    Yes, i started designing my own boots a while ago as noone here in my country made anything close to what i wanted as a boot freak, and importing foreign designer boots was getting much more expensive than what i could financialy endure...lol.
    It all started as a way of getting the boots i wanted, but slowly became a little boot making company as people loved what i was wearing.... it is called "COFRADIA BOOT MAKERS".
    I sell a little , but i do and i only make what people ask me to do, i dont have a stock to sell.
    At first, i just designed them and i gave the designs to shoemakers so they built them for me....... After many failed attempts regarding how "SMART" they were (poor materials and build, not the metal accesories or eyelets i asked for, not the leather, sole or shoe shape i wanted, etc) , i started learning the process myself and OMG!.... surprisingly it was not that hard ... at all!..... (at least for me).
    The first thing i learned is that the most important thing in shoemaking if you really want to get the shoe shape you want is the LAST!.... so i learned how to design and mill my own lasts... it was very easy for me as i had been a digital 3d animator for more than 20 years now, so i could easily model a last in a 3d program exactly as i wanted.
    Now that the boots were going to have the shape i wanted, i needed to learn the rest of the process, and i have been doing that ever since..... i easily learned the cemented construction process, but i figured there were much better ways of attaching the sole to the upper, so i learned the Blake construction process (using a McKay stitcher to stitch the insole to the upper) that generates a much better quality boot than just cementing and now , im becoming really good at good year welting.... no machines, by hand!.... much slower, but MUUUCH BETTER!.
    I am slowly getting where i wanted to be and i am proud of what i have achieved until now...... i will update this info as i become a bespoke bootmaker... my goal.
    Anyway, i only design and make shoes as a plan b, as i am a digital animator and i make a living as an animator..... making boots is my AWESOME hobbie.
    I will be regularly posting pics of all my boots.... those i´ve designed and made and those i´ve bought and i love.
    Thanks for your kind answer and your nice apreciation of my work.
  9. I think you'll have a lot of people here who will appreciate your boots.

    I'm toying with the idea of making hats, but only as a hobby. I'm in awe of people who have the drive and ability to see ventures like your become reality.
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  10. You have learned very well in making boots. Your patterns are very creative and the quality is very easy to observe in just the pictures.

    I resole shoes (well I have done about 40 pairs of shoes hand stitching welted shoes, goodyear style) and it is not easy to do by hand with dual needles, and then to trim and shape soles and making new stacked heels and using a knife is very hard for me. I am lucky a friend owns a shop with machine operated belts for me to finish them off on.

    You could find yourself becoming a top shelf boot maker with ease as your product looks like just that!
  11. Thank you guys for your wishes and kind words.
    There goes another..... I´m strongly basing my designs in the Victorian and Edwardian era as i think is the golden era of bootmaking.
    This are 6 inch, 6 eyelets full grain leather Victorian cap toe work boots...... Built using the Blake construction process.
    I´ve produced more than 10 of this boots for customers and people are happy, but i am upgrading to Good year welt in my next production.... they will at last be what i intended them to be!.
    I personally love wearing them, and the aging process after more than 3 years has been very nice (i havent even resoled them).
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  13. RJR

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    I agree.
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  14. Michael A

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    Nicely done. I'm more than impressed. Fantastic.

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  15. Michael A

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    I picked up these felt and leather boots yesterday. Would appreciate it if someone could pass on any info about them. No labels, save the size that is stamped on the outsole.
    [​IMG]DSCN6968 by Michael A2012, on Flickr
    [​IMG]DSCN6967 crop by Michael A2012, on Flickr
    [​IMG]DSCN6969 by Michael A2012, on Flickr
    More like boiled wool than straight felt actually. With a 1/4" or more felt midsole, ~1/4" leather outsole, brown boiled wool lining and wool fleece or sheepskin insole. 8" shaft.

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  16. Allen Edmonds brown suede algonquin:


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  17. Allen Edmonds LaSalle split toe blucher:


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  18. Wolverine 1000 mile boots:


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  19. That is one of the most interesting pair of boots I have ever seen.
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