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Vintage Concealed Weapons

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by MK, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. up196

    up196 A-List Customer

    You don't put your finger close to the trigger, you put it through the trigger guard, literally on the trigger. Not so bad with a semi-auto with a grip safety, an only a bit worse with a double action revolver, really, but definately not something you'd want to hurry up with and make a mistake.

    On the other hand, though, I recall an instructor who believed the "pre-draw" was always faster than the "quick-draw," and the Audley latch makes it easy to re-holster and secure the weapon once you've determined it will no longer be needed in hand.
  2. Though impractical for some, I'm sure many of us have wished to have one of these at one point or another... However un-realistic they may be for everyday use. ;(( ;) [​IMG]

    Here's something the patrons of this thread might be interested in! ;) http://api.ning.com/files/qzFcS7XnmbCDvaxMTzV*sZAo67sEc880WDmiQXEuBLH2sAB00ZN0tmgiCIg9*cODznfsPOfEi5g7LB0TlVHLwa2XSbVJHSGE/gcgatinhat.jpg

    if worn with a vest or suit coat, a rig like this might be an option...

    derringers have become a very versatile gun, firing calibers from .22 to 9mm, even .45 in some...

    I have more pictures to share of good ways to "vintage CC" for "regular"(non-derringer) guns [@Marty M.< even knives!] but for some reason it tells me it can't upload images from my computer yet... I suppose I need to post a bit more for that feature to take effect.

    Well, when it does I'll be sure to post them here...

    PS Feel free to PM me if any of you have info on where I could find an "├Ąctive"(works) version of the sleeve-rail gun-device in the first photo. [or blue-prints] I seem to find a lot online yet nothing that helps me achieve OWNING one... either buying or making one at affordable price. So once again, any pertinent info towards my owning one, PLEASE, send a PM!! :D
  3. Gene

    Gene Practically Family

    Here's my holster setup. It's the most practical I could do for a 4" barrel M&P. I used a cowboy-style belt slide for 6 extra rounds. I would get a speed loader but I don't think I'd ever need more and if I did then I'd be in big trouble!

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  4. Some sharp concealed-carry weapons here! We're getting right-to-carry here in November and I'm looking for something of vintage appeal for a sidearm. Luckily, we're in the gun business, so I'll get it cheap ;)
  5. Michaelshane, is that a USFA? and in .45LC or .38? (I've seen both before)
  6. 45 lc
  7. Look what I found online today!
    VINTAGE home-made ankle holster!
    Made from the leather of a worn work-boot!
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  8. Magister

    Magister Familiar Face


    That will require some baggy pant legs!
  9. cw3pa

    cw3pa A-List Customer

    Since We're discussing vintage concealed weapons I thought I'd contribute my retro shoulder holster. These were popular during the late 1800s/early 1900s.
    Included is my Smith & Wesson No. 3-2nd Model clone with a 3 1/2 inch barrel.
    Further examples are in "Packing Iron" by Richard C. Rattenbury.
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  10. Kirk H.

    Kirk H. One Too Many

    Very nice!!!
  11. cw3pa

    cw3pa A-List Customer

    Thank you. There's something about the late 1800s that can grow on you. Almost as much as the pre WWII era.
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  12. Story

    Story I'll Lock Up

    Just to float this thread to the top again, for those of you with CCW serviceable 1907 Savages, the Buchheimer 14C-3PPK IWB holster does an excellent job and the 'ear' on the inside/body-side extends up far enough to protect the safety.

    Pardon the quck-n-dirty snap -
  13. Gene

    Gene Practically Family

    Just got this 1940s or 50s belt holster in the mail! Should be good with a sportcoat or a longer jacket over it.

  14. Saint-Just

    Saint-Just One of the Regulars

    Golden Era? Check!
    Concealed carry? Check!

    :D :D :D

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  15. Ooooh, St J, you are giving me evil ideas for my Thompson..........

    Thank you!
  16. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up

    Broomhandle Rigs

    I thought I would get us back on topic, before the topic is shut down, with these two rigs. Not sure how concealed they would be, but cool looking! [​IMG]
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  17. Rathdown

    Rathdown Practically Family

    The best way to research golden era holsters suitable for concealed carry is to get a copy of one of the old Stoeger's Shooters Bibles from the early 1950s, as virtually all of the holsters advertised will be 1930s designs.
  18. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    You may notice there are some posts missing from this thread, and some merged in from others.
    A bit of remodeling has gone on to make this thread a better resource for everyone.

    But I'll say it once again- posts debating the politics of concealed carry will be deleted. This goes for everyone.
    Please, post pictures of your vintage guns, your vintage rigs, and discuss how firearms were concealed back in the day. But keep it friendly.

    To get things rolling again, here's some of my grandfather's gun leather. The photo was taken in the late 1950s. By the time he died, in the early '50s, his collection had doubled, but unfortunately, all that survived in the family was the top flintlock and the top western holster, which he made from a Tandy kit.

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