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What vintage won't you wear?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by cakesandcakes, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. cakesandcakes

    cakesandcakes New in Town

    As much as I love seeing period accurate outfits, where the dress, the hair, the makeup, and the accessories all evoke a particular year or decade, there are some elements that I just can't, or won't, incorporate myself. I'll often go for an accurate 40s or 50s look, but one thing that I never wear are gloves. They look great on other people, but I have quite large hands, and I just feel like Minnie Mouse trying to wear dainty white gloves.
    Does anyone else have that one element that they can never make work? Did you end up trying something like that that you ended up loving?
  2. Alice~

    Alice~ One of the Regulars

    Shoulder pads... I have broad shoulders and really don't need the extra padding lol But now that you mention it, I don't do gloves either. They're something that I just feel costume-y in whenever I try to wear them.
  3. CaramelSmoothie

    CaramelSmoothie Practically Family

    I would never do victory rolls or full head to toe vintage. I would feel weird.
  4. fgradowski

    fgradowski One of the Regulars

    Bullet bras. I just can't bring myself to go out in public with pointy breasts! I think it would attract too much attention.
    I also don't wear gloves, but this is because I just haven't tried any. I don't think I would like them because I like to show off my rings and I would get white gloves soooo dirty within hours of wearing them.
  5. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Polyester knit. Yuck.
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  6. lareine

    lareine A-List Customer

    Oh gosh, bullet bras are on my list too. I'd put somebody's eyes out!

    Other than that, I'm not interested in actual vintage makeup (I think formulations have improved since then) or anything cut on the bias that is meant as outerwear. My curves do NOT need clung to. And let's add styles that don't have a defined waist, which rules out a huge chunk of the late 60s and the 70s.
  7. I wear gloves in the winter, because my hands get cold, but women in my social class didn't wear them in the summer, because they were too busy working. Same with me today.

    I am also not fond of high stilletto heels. I'm tall enough already, and my ankles can't stand them anyway.

    I have never worn, and will never wear, a mini-skirt, not even a "vintage". Knees are, in general, the least attractive part of the human anatomy, and mine are a secret between me and my osteopath.

    Fussy manicures are also not for me -- I work a lot with my hands, and fancy nails just get in the way.

    I really really really dislike The New Look. Big shoulders and a pinched waist and a foofy skirt make me look like the Liberty Bell come to life.
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  8. Stormy

    Stormy A-List Customer

    Girdles, corsets, garters, and thick stockings are on my BANNED list. I work very hard to keep a slim waist, flat tummy, and toned legs, attempting to keep the look naturally and without "assistance."

    Garter belts are not sexy, and I'd never wear them either. I love gloves though.
  9. KatPower

    KatPower New in Town

    I can't do shoulder pads. One of the first vintage dresses I ever purchased had huge shoulder pads, and I promptly cut them out because they made me look like a linebacker. They didn't go to waste, though -- I use them as bra inserts whenever I feel I need a little boost. :eek:

    Hats are something I never thought I could pull off. I recently purchased a black beret, though, that I think looks darling.

    And I'm actually really smitten with gloves! I've yet to buy or wear a pair, but I eye them whenever I'm in a vintage store or antique mall. I'd like to wear a pair out but have the same fears as some above posters: that they'd get dirty or look too costume-y.
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  10. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    Circle skirts.
    Bunches and gathers everywhere.
    Most post-War "New Look" clothing, late 40s to early 60s. I love 1930s fashion and later 1960s fashion and it's all I wear.
  11. cakesandcakes

    cakesandcakes New in Town

    I guess that would also be on my list, actually. I've tried them on, and I guess I'm just not quite the right shape for them because they never fit right. It's kind of a shame, though, since some of my dresses have darting that practically requires that shape of bra.
  12. CaramelSmoothie

    CaramelSmoothie Practically Family

    What exactly is "New Look" fashion. Did a google search but nothing much comes up.
  13. cakesandcakes

    cakesandcakes New in Town

    It's a style that was popularized by Dior in the post-War period. Nipped in waists, full skirts. Pretty much exactly what you think of when you think of fashion in the late 40s and through the 50s. You might have more luck googling Dior New Look than just New Look.
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  14. scarlett

    scarlett One of the Regulars

    Hats, shoulder pads, polyester anything, circle skirts, crinolines, ruffles. I would wear gloves for fashion, but I only remember them when its cold.
  15. I loathe polyester, but I guess that's not really vintage- or not vintage of the vintage we're talking about.

    I guess bullet bras are the only thing. Stilettos or really tall heels, but those aren't really vintage and that is more a foot structure thing than anything else.

    I'm not shy. I always thought I was, but it turns out I'm not. I wear the hats, I wear the gloves, I wear knee socks with saddles.

    Lizzie- I find it surprising that ladies in your family didn't wear gloves. My grandmother wore gloves to church and out shopping. The rest of the time she was working in the garage. I know my grandmother required my mother and aunt to wear gloves to church. I'm not sure if my other grandmother ever wore gloves at all. I imagine she did but I've never seen a picture of her with them on.
  16. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    "New Look" is, basically, 50s fashion, which began in 1947. Full circle skirts, nipped waists, your womb on display...lol. The look looks ridiculous on me and I feel like I'm in a costume if I wear it. Others can pull it off, but I look silly in it so I stay away from it.

    "New Look":

    I will say, I do love a bullet bra and RIDICULOUS shapewear, but I know it's not for everyone ;)
  17. I said NEVER to late 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s but I keep getting talked into going to events in those eras, and buying and making clothes for those eras. I need more closets! Never say never!
  18. We did wear gloves on Easter -- but not for regular church. I knew people who did, but they were all Congregationalists.

    My grandmother would dress for shopping -- she'd swap her housedress for a nice suit -- but not to the point of wearing gloves. Gloves would make it difficult to feel the tomatoes.
  19. I am a 1930s gal but I am not a fan of the huge jabots and bows of the mid 30s. I love and wear flutter sleeves often but the extreme flouncey bows are not for me. Thankfully, they were only one of many styles during the era :)
  20. Mrs. Merl

    Mrs. Merl Practically Family

    Oh I would wear pretty much anything once! :) Twice if I liked it! ;) But then again mom is a costumer and I always said I would love to have at least on look from every single definable era!

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