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What vintage won't you wear?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by cakesandcakes, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. I would never wear those faux Victorian 1940s hairstyles. I loathe them and think they are deeply unattractive.

    Anything without some sort of waist definition is next on the list. They make me look like a brick, even though I'm slim.
  2. fgradowski

    fgradowski One of the Regulars

    What exactly do you mean by "faux Victorian 1940s hairstyles"? I do not think that I have seen any. Also, I completely agree with the second comment. Flapper dresses and 20s style being one of those horrible styles without waist definition. Yuck.
    I'm surprised that so many people dislike New Look! Maybe that is just because I love it though...
  3. I think one has to be of a certain body type to get away with the New Look -- thin, willowy, narrow-shouldered. For those of us with big shoulders the effect can be terrifying.
  4. CaramelSmoothie

    CaramelSmoothie Practically Family

    Thanks ladies. I know the look. Yeah, I would never wear it.
  5. cakesandcakes

    cakesandcakes New in Town

    I think I have to disagree with that. I have quite broad shoulders, and I find a full skirt and a cinched waist help to balance me out. Of course, your mileage may vary.
  6. Grnidwitch

    Grnidwitch A-List Customer

    New Look was a godsend for curvier bottomed ladies. It's amazing what you could hide under that skirt. :eek:

    Being a tall, broad shouldered dame, I have to be very careful. 40's shoulder pads can make me look like a linebacker (think Joan Crawford on steroids). But because of that, I can get away with 20's style. Won't do bows or ruffles. I have to keep the lines clean and tailored.

    Bullet bras would be a public hazard.
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  7. What's up with all this hate of bows? ;)

    Just teasing. I could do small bows, but the large ones, no way! ;)
  8. Bows are another thing that requires a certain body type and a certain personality. If you have neither, you risk coming across like Marie Dressler.
  9. cakesandcakes

    cakesandcakes New in Town

    I'm getting to the point where I wonder if I can still pull off really big bows. I love wearing Alice style bows in my hair, but sometimes I worry a bit that I come across like I'm trying to look like a teenager or something. I still wear them because I love them, but is there anything that you guys feel you've aged out of, or that there's a time limit on your ability to wear?
  10. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    I used to love bows, exaggerated poof sleeves, and 30s foo-foo, but I wear it less and less -- going more for clean lines now. I didn't make a conscious decision to do so lol I guess I'm aging out of it. I also used to wear 3+ flowers in my hair, but I only wear one now -- if any at all.
  11. St. Louis

    St. Louis Practically Family

    I feel exactly the same way, Amy Jeanne. I may love the thirties ruffled and bowed look on younger gals, but on me it would be mutton dressed as lamb.

    I pretty much focus on the 1930s and 40s in all my clothes, so I'm not tempted to wear later decades, but I would look as awful in 1960s shifts as I would in 1920s waistless dresses. Within my "own" decades, I think I wouldn't wear head-to-toe vintage either, but that's only becasue I don't love getting a lot of attention. If I could get away with it, I'd sure do it in a New York minute. I love every detail of the golden era styles. I do feel that the look can be managed without going overboard--I just have to wear my hair in a modified way and do ankle socks with cotton dresses instead of seamed stockings.

    I save the head-to-toe thing for get-togethers, outings, and my own home ...
  12. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I think a bow can work on a figure if its the focal point of the outfit:

  13. cakesandcakes

    cakesandcakes New in Town

    I love that pattern! That's a really nice style, thank you for posting that. I'm always on the lookout for more blouses, I never have enough.
  14. Someone said it: knits. Those adorable two piece knit outfits make me look fatter than a cow. But I still love the look...
  15. magnolia76

    magnolia76 One of the Regulars

    The sad eyebrows of the 20's. Although I totally would if it wouldn't attract attention, same with the bullet bra..
  16. Bullet bra for sure. I heard someone say once that she'd make it look more like an atomic warhead, and I echo her sentiments. ;)

    I can't wear shift or drop-waist dresses. It makes me look incredibly dumpy. :(

    Anything with padded shoulders. I have rather man-like shoulders and don't need help in that area. :)
  17. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    I won't wear cap sleeves. They make my arms look fat and my boobs look huge!
  18. Frk.W

    Frk.W New in Town

    Another one who won't wear very frilly, ruffled styles, pastels, certain florals and overt femininity of that dainty sort. Lovely on others, not my thing. I like structured, tailored styles, including the starker, more business-like side of New Look - those fitted suit jackets with nipped waist and padded hips, yes please.

    I generally don't wear anything sleeveless either, mainly because I have a large bust, I like coverage, except for the few evening occasions where I break out the cleavage, and I like shoulder emphasis. And waist emphasis, always. Can't do 20's without feeling like a frump, sadly.

    Shoulder pads may be my favourite thing ever, though, I love them. Worth knowing that cutting large shoulder pads out of vintage garments will impact the way the garment hangs on you, by the way, and make the bodice slightly droopy. The extra height at the shoulders is incorporated in the pattern. Replacing too-large shoulder pads with very thin ones can be a good idea, to maintain at least some of the original drape and structure without the height. I'm always sad when I come across 30's and 40's garments that are obviously built for glorious shoulder pads, but had them removed.

    Bullet bras, too. I wear more modern longlines in vintage styles on a daily basis and love the shape, but I don't get that poke-someone's-eyes-out pointiness at my size, just a more natural-looking, soft cone shape that works very well with vintage garments and styles.
  19. MurderOfGoths

    MurderOfGoths New in Town

    Within the 40's and 50's fashions I don't think I'd rule anything out.

    Cannot carry off the 20's drop waist though
  20. elisabethm

    elisabethm New in Town

    Ditto on polyester knit. Feels awful against the skin and terribly hot.

    Ditto on miniskirts. I think these began as children's fashion and IMHO they should have stayed that way.

    Anything with gathers at the waist. That always makes me look 20 lbs. heavier.

    Wedge heels. They give the impression of bricks tied to my feet.
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