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    How Was Your Day?

    My Confession: Forgive me FL for I have not posted in such a long time...heeehee Hey everyone, The winter is usually a time for hibernation for me. Sorry I haven't been around much, but I do still check in at least weekly. My winter months have been moving right along. I am glad the...
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    Would You Squeal?

    aww...I know. : ):)
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    Would You Squeal?

    This is going to off topic. I am in no way a criminal of any sort. I would never take anything from someone that did not belong to me. I shop at places and don't care what something costs when I want it. As long as that store has been good to me in the past and has given me good customer...
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    What is it you want more than anything...?

    I would love someone to dance a fast and smooth fox trot with to the song Mack The Knife. (I've had the song stuck in my head for days)
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    Winter Moody Blues?

    Yep! Raising hand and shaking it wildly. I get the winter Blahs too living in Northeast PA. I can't stand it. As soon as the sun starts going down at 5pm and you can't get that winter chill out of the body no matter how many blankets you throw on top of yourself. All plant life just dies...
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    Would You Squeal?

    I have noticed a few of those from the UK on ebay myself. There was a movie release by VH1 only played on VH1. It was never released on video. But....UK ebay'ers had it. What I don't understand about the movie making industry, and this may be a little off topic, is it is cheaper to make a...
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    Would You Squeal?

    I guess if authorities would offer $10,000 dollar rewards, more and more people would be civilian police and watching everyone everywhere looking for them to do something wrong. The small-time-crime people would them be too parinoid to do anything wrong because they know everyone is out...
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    Would You Squeal?

    I leave things to Karma. I wouldn't report to authorities about the small-time crime person. Not for 500 bucks...but I may say something to the person themselves and leave it at that.
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    I have a garment rack in a spare room of my house for line-drying sweaters and dark clothes (so they don't fade). Then I just fluff them in the dryer for a few minutes. I avoid hanging them out doors because of allergies. (Pollen will attach itself to the clothes) Altho I really do like the...
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    What happened to growing your own chow?

    Most people in general are lazy. Those of us who have the garden space will say we lack the time to care for a garden. We want our veggies now not in 3 months! So it becomes to easy to go to the grocery store and complain about over-priced tomatoes grown in Mexico. We could have bought that...
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    S.E. Pennsylvania, Golden Era Christmas Movie Get Together! Calling PA Loungers!

    I won't make it. It's just a little too far for me. But...I am so glad to know that there are FL's in PA!
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    Fedora Loungers on MySpace

    Jovan, I don't see anywhere on your page that says "Add as Friend"
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    Ebay selling help please!

    I was going to say the same thing....Paypal... Log into your paypal account, click on the send invoice tab, enter her email address, and invoice info, and you are done. You miss out on the feed back of ebay, but if you want to want to sell it to this person...one feed back point is no big...
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    Lets see your Balloon Tire Bikes

    I sold the bike today and made my money back. I was torn about selling it...it's just that it's getting too close to winter, and the bike wasn't clean enough to bring inside. Thanks everyone for your input on cleaning, and figuring out how old the bike was. The new owners own a bike shop...

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