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a2 jacket

  1. K

    Aero Leather A2 Real Deal Jacket in Russet Jerky - Size 36

    Aero A2 Real Deal jacket in russet jerky, selling as I'm not wearing it too much and it's a shame for it to stay in the closet. It's been looked after quite well (mainly due to aforementioned lack of wear). Back - 24 inches Sleeves 24 inches Chest - 36 inches Mustard lining, seal brown knits...
  2. M

    SOLD FS Goodwear RW 18091 Russt Goat 44

    Selling this beauty as it’s ever so slightly too big for me. Barely worn condition and a almost new. Probably the comfiest jacket I’ve tried on. The drape is amazing and the leather is very soft and light weight. Great spring summer jacket. Ive posted a link to the jacket. This is THE actual...
  3. M

    WTB:Good Wear A2 jacket size 44

    180cm,79Kg。need a good wear jacket without collar stand.
  4. AlyeskaPilot

    Satchel and Page Bomber

    Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster... Needless to say this forum is the best source for leather jacket info on the web. Anyway, I have searched but came up with nothing on the Satchel and Page bomber jacket! I am in the market for a cheaper A2 and came across Satchel and Page in my...
  5. K

    FS Toys McCoy A2 size 36 Shinki Horsehide

    FS Toys McCoy A2 size 36 Shinki Horsehide Toys McCoy A2 size 36 Shinki Horsehide very good condition on both leather and the liner. Cuffs are in tip top shape since I've never wear a watch with this jacket. The grains is developing beautifully on the sleeve. I bought this brand new for around...
  6. Bahabp100

    Sold Aero Happy Days size 48 $300

    SOLD Aero Happy Days size 48 $300 + shipping SOLD $300 plus $20 priority shipping USPS. It was bought recently on TFL. It’s Like new. The leather is black jerky horsehide with a Lanark tartan cotton lining and olive knits with olive contrast stitching. Aero's "jerky" hides are those that...
  7. B

    Early Aero A2 A-2 Bomber Jacket Russet Brown 36

  8. S

    Help IDing Alexander Skarsgard's flight jacket from The Little Drummer Girl

    First of all, hello. This is my first post as a new member on this forum. I would greatly appreciate this forum's expertise and help. Publicity shot: https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/2018/08/21/d8d068bf-343d-4ea2-9263-4af6b56b614c/668b1f9f59d329b37de9f114330db0de/180821-little-drummer-girl.jpg...
  9. Big7

    Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Suede Bomber Jacket Medium

    For sale Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Suede Bomber Jacket Brand New size Medium . I tried it on at the local Saks 5th Avenue, and really liked the color and the style, unfortunately they didn't have my size, so I have ordered it directly from Ralph Lauren. I have bunch of leather jackets, so I was...
  10. F

    Budget A2 - AVI vs. QMI

    Hello all, I'm on the lookout for an A2 jacket but I'm on quite a tight budget. I was reading some good reviews about the AVI LTHR Bronco A2 and I was almost decided to buy it but then I stumbled upon the QMI horsehide A2 which is currently on sale for 200€ in my size which is a very tempting...
  11. nkang

    FS: Cockpit USA A-2 Size 42 1987 Reissue

    For sale is my go-to beater, a Cockpit USA A-2 jacket size 42 Reissue style. Comes with tags. Fits up to a 44'' chest but is ideal for 42'' or smaller. Nice cut and looks very authentic. I have owned it for 2 years but after careful consideration, I decided to only keep my AVI G1 jacket as my...
  12. Selig

    Trading U.S. Authentic A2 jacket in Goatskin size 36

    Looking to trade my U.S. Authentic A2 bomber jacket in goatskin size 36 for an equivelant in size 40. Even though it is a size 36 it fits more like a 38. I'm usually a size 40 so this is just a little tight on me. Brand new, no blemishes to the leather, lining or wool cuffs. Pictures upon...
  13. S

    Lost Worlds A2 collar stand Black jacket 48L

    I am selling my custom Dubow Black LW A2. Bought this summer(2016) and worn this fall and winter at work. I am a pilot for a major airline(29 yrs) and jacket has been maintained like new and is partially broken in. Black collar stand , 3.5oz, 48 Long with with optional inside left...
  14. Gutmann

    Aero Leather A2, 1950's Flight Jacket, UK44/L, seal brown, as good as new

    Dear Gents, I am selling my Aero Leather A2/1950s Flight jacket size UK44 in Vincencia horse hide. Asking price is 699 EUR. Details: . VINCENCIA HORSE HIDE SEAL - LEATHER AS SMOOTH AS POSSIBLE . OLIVE SATEEN LINING . BROWN KNITS . UNDER COLLAR STUDS THROAT LATCH LIKE A-2 . 2 X PATCH POCKETS ...

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